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"There's nothing of interest here.. catalog it and let's get out of here."

Captain of Golgan survey ship.

Phai-07K-42r35684q Wolgrachi[]

Phai-07K-42r35684q Wolgrachi
Astrological Information
Suns 1 Red Dwarf
Orbits 6
Space Stations Various
Asteroids W-4 Galadau
Nebula Briar Nebular
Societal Information
Immigrated Species Shemarrian
Government Tribal
Affiliation Darkwaters


A red dwarf desert system known to the rest of the Three Galaxies only by a call-code in Golgan star registries (Phai-07K-42r35684q Wolgrachi if one must be specific). The system was first scouted by the Golgans several centuries ago, but the desolate coldness of the system, its distance from any nearby habitable systems, and its closeness to the navigational hazard of the Briar Nebula discouraged follow-up study and exploitation in favor of better prospects. The system was stumbled across some centuries later by nomadic Shemar scouts looking for good resource worlds that were unlikely to be visited by anybody else.

The sensor-shrouding effects of the Briar Nebula does make communications in and out of the system difficult, which the Shemarrians have to work around with sensor and communication relay stations and satellites.

Wolgrachi is mostly settled by the Darkwaters who claim Tresada, seed the asteroid belt with 'feral' warmounts, and have extensive shipbuilding, repairing and salvage facilities. The Silvermoons claim Ananis, mostly as a mining planet.

System Details[]

Number of Stars: One

Types of Stars: Red Dwarf

Number of Planets: 6

(Outward from the star)

Terrestrial (W-1) 

Ananis, this Earth-sized rocky and cold world is being developed and mined by the Silvermoon Tribe, with a resident population of 15 million. 

Terrestrial (W-2) 

Cortoris. A rockball shrouded in frozen ices and as yet undeveloped. 

Terrestrial (W-3) 

Tresada. Main ‘capital’ of the system, run by the DarkWater Tribe. 

Asteroid (W-4) 

Galadau. The largest asteroid in a system rich in debris, the protoplanet Galadai is home to an asteroid mining base that services the many smaller operations being conducted throughout the belts. 

It is rumored that as part of the system security, the Shemar have been mass-producing deep-space Warmounts that have been Awakened with the Ecotroz awareness, and setting the surplus ‘mounts loose to roam the asteroid belts. Though unable to reproduce on their own, the roboids are free to graze the asteroids and run free among them until recalled/rounded up by the Shemar. In the process, however, the “feral” Warmounts will attack anything in the asteroid fields that doesn’t identify itself as Shemar. 

Terrestrial (W-5)

Dagoes. Another rockball shrouded in frozen ices and as yet undeveloped.

Gas Giant (W-6)

Mauras. A Uranus-sized small gas giant. Too small to really sweep the system of stellar debris, lending to the large asteroid belts. Mauras is occasionally mined for its gases by the Shemar.