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“Getcha motor running, head out on the highwaaayyyyy....”

Clan Motron Wheel Kits[]

Before Clan Motron acquired the ability to produce its own unique Warmounts, they devised a quick conversion scheme to fit wheels to their existing Montrex, Monst-Crane, and Monstropede Warmounts. This adaptation fitted the legs with power take-offs and extra shock absorption, then mounted tires (typically taken from a variety of Northern Gun and Black Market vehicles) on the modified legs. With a little practice, the Warmounts could be trained/programmed to lift their feet clear of the ground and rest their weight on the powered wheels, which would allow them to zip along on flat, firm, surfaces. Because of different leg lengths, and the relative vulnerability (they tend to be shot off first) and fragility of the tires, compared to the legs they’re mounted on, the tire hubs are designed to be able to accept a variety of tire types, depending on what the EShemar can acquire/scavenge (often from battlefield salvage). 

This modification allowed early Clan Motron members a first taste of hard pavement road-warrioring, until they could acquire a more thoroughly automobile-themed Warmount. The leg-and-wheel combination would become a signature Clan Motron design feature carried over into their new-generation Warmounts, such as the Edselator.

Clan Motron wheel kits have come back into production with an unexpected expansion of the Motrons’ number and their tribal ‘franchise’ as the tribe’s ability to produce its unique Warmounts has been outstripped by the demand to outfit all their new recruits. This has allowed Clan Motron to quickly get ‘roadable’ rides under new members, using ‘traditional’ Warmount types acquired from other Tribes with spare production capability. 

Some riders using this modification have further customized their Warmounts, adding flame-belching extended exhaust pipes, flamboyant paint jobs, and bulging engine mounts and air intakes, but these are nonfunctional and purely cosmetic alterations and do not justify certifying the Warmount as a new type. 


MDC of Wheels[]

10-100, depending on source vehicle.


Wheels adds 1d4x10 MPH to a Warmount’s Running speed statistic, but only on firm, paved, road surfaces or baked hard dry lake beds.