EShemarrian Wiki

“There’s a WHAT on our hull?!”

Warmounts in Space[]

Warsteeds can be adapted for space operations, receiving the same upgraded programming as their Shemarrian riders, with Movement and Combat: Zero Gravity, and Navigation: Space. Many warmounts among the Darkwaters receive these upgrades as they spend the most time in the void. 

Other changes include:

Rider Clamps[]

Keeps the rider and any passengers from drifting off into space.

Maneuvering Thrusters[]

Various new fins and protrudances hold arrays of maneuvering rockets, allowing the Warsteeds to agiley perform in space and fly through the airless medium at speeds up to 200 MPH (the Monster-Crane, being somewhat lighter and more agile, can hit speeds of 250 MPH). 

Electromagnetic Footpads[]

These allow the Warsteed to more effectively cling to spacecraft and spacestations. 

Optional Laser Reflective Armoring[]

Some Warsteeds can be plated in laser-reflective mirror-armor, reducing laser damage by HALF. Particular common among the Silvermoon warmounts