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<<“Lissen up here, little bruddas, dis be da Big Bhudda Booper, bringin’ the smack-down to da nasty-nasty worm-minnies who be givin’ the Booper’s littel brudas the hard time! So if any wormies be listenin’ on the open wavies, say hello and bye-bye to the BIG BHUDDA BOOPER’S OPEN IRON SLAPDOWN PALM OF PEACE!!!!”>>

-Overheard radio transmission during a battle between ‘Talos Legionnaires’ and Splugorth Slavers on the Jersey shore, at the same time a Titan Heavy Combat Robot entered the fray with a missile barrage. 

“Trollheim” Shemar Ghost Rider Oreseme[]

‘Trollheim’ are the Ghost Riders’ next step up from the Talos Legionnaires; full-sized heavy combat robots modified with robotic AIs. The most commonly modified types are Northern Gun and Titan Robotics (take THAT, Dark One!), though a few older imported Triax types have also been known to be modified into Trollheims (in fact, the first Trollheim was a converted X-500 Forager Battlebot). 

Trollheims are, because they no longer require crews, modified with extra internal reinforcement (increase main body MDC by 25%) and typically a concealed weapons system or two (especially concealed grenade or missile launchers). Titan Works models get the concealed ARCHIE-3 surveillance gear ripped out, cutting any milintel links out. Trollheims often retain their ‘working colors’, rather than Ghost Rider livery, though the Tribe has been known to dummy up the insignia of defunct or non-existent mercenary groups, the better to conceal the Trollheims’ current and true affiliation. 

Because of problems of rarity of giant robots, concealment of their presence and movement, and the logistics of keeping them repaired and resupplied, Trollheims are understandably rare in the Shemarrian Nation, much more so than the Talos Legionnaires, and it’s unlikely that there are more than a hundred Trollheims in existence. However, they DO exist, and are deployed as scouts, area patrollers, and as part of infiltration units penetrating regions such as the New West or overseas, where the EShemar do not want to advertise their presence (yet). The majority of converted Trollheims, however, are believed to be kept in reserve for emergencies such as an invasion of Shemarrian Nation territory by an outside aggressor such as the Splugorth, in which case the Trollheim will be unleashed as support troops to help defend the SN. 

As with the Talos Legionnaires, the majority of them exist in service to the Ghost Riders, while those found with other Tribes are typically ‘Awakened’ with Ecotroz essence-fragments. Trollheim tend to have as personalities as eccentric as those of their smaller Talos Legionnaires cousins, leading to some very ODD battlefield chatter when they take the field. 


Same as for the Talos Legionnaires, with appropriate restrictions due to the larger size of the ‘bots.