EShemarrian Wiki

The 3rd Eye implant that is the distinguishing physical characteristic of Wayfinders has evolved to be more than simply an extra optic; the SSN Wayfinders have refined it until it has the properties of the ARS-500 Arcane Scanner.


Sense Ley Lines[]

Can sense ley lines 3 miles away, rifts at 6 miles.

Sense Supernatural[]

Can sense supernatural creatures 450 feet away.

Sense Magic[]

Can sense magic in a 120 ft area.

Decipher Magic[]

Has a skill of 72% for Decipher Magic.

Presence Sense[]

Can use Presense Sense in a 120 ft area.

See Aura[]

Gains the ability See Aura. 100 ft area, lasting 1 melee, 6 P.P.E. See page 199 of Rifts Ultimate Edition.

Eyes of Thoth[]

Gains the Eyes of Thoth ability. Self, 10 min per level of experience, 8 P.P.E. See page 208 of Rifts Ultimate Edition.

Sense/See Dimensional Anomaly[]

Gains the ability to sense or see dimensional anomalies.