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“I’d rather meet my end railgun-shot a hundred times over than be beaten to death by a giant lollipop.”

Anonymous Kittani Centurion’s prayer


Last thoughts of a Sunaj Raider, upon discovering that the hunt has turned. 

Sucker of Doom[]

aka ‘Doomsucker’, ‘Deth-Loli’

This is one of the signature weapons of the Lollipoppers, and the weapon which appears on their sigil. It was also the weapon that made the biggest impression on the judges during the Lollipoppers’ first-round exams for qualification to be a Tribe, when the Lolis’ Kildren representative used one to beat a Splugorth Minion to a pulp (that, and the fact that the Lolis somehow managed to bring a live and willing, albeit steaming-mad, Splugorth Minion to the trials).

DoomSuckers resemble giant brightly-colored lollipops with a round or heart-shaped head, but are actually a form of battle-mace or warhammer. Hidden inside their innocuous-looking armored shells is a small gravitic generator which can be used to alter their gravitic weight and inertial energy, allowing the giant lollipop to be wielded as easily as cheerleader’s baton, but strike with the force of a tractor trailer truck on a high speed charge. 

DoomSuckers are surfaced in molecular adhesion pads. These are usually used to affix a struck target to the weapon, preventing them from dodging and getting away, and setting them up for ‘paddle ball’ beatings. The adhesion properties are also used occasionally for other purposes as well; Lollipoppers have been known to use their Doomsuckers as climbing tools. However, they are best known for being used to pick up fine coatings of metal and material dust from the surfaces of targets, the residue then being licked off by the Lollipoppers to feed their nanite regeneration systems. 


Sucker of Doom
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Melee
Weight 25 lbs
MDC of Weapon 120
Range Melee
Damage 4d6 SDC + P.S.
Damage2 1d4-1d4x10 MDC Powered + P.S.
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Powered by Induction
Original Tribe Lollipop
Special Note Molecular Adhesion Head

As a blunt force SDC weapon, the Doomsucker does 4d6 SDC+P.S. damage.

Fully powered up, the Doomsucker does adjustable 1d4- 1d4x10 MD blunt force, plus any bonuses from the wielder’s own strength. 

The Doomsucker is particularly handy as a parrying weapon, especially if it’s got somebody already stuck to it, in which case the aforementioned victim takes the damage from the parry. 

Special Features[]

Molecular Adhesion Head 

The molecular adhesion grip of the Doomsucker holds with a P.S. of 40. 

It IS possible to break free of the grip, but only if one is sufficiently strong enough and willing to shed the adhered armor/clothing, or sacrifice some skin tearing loose (1d6 SDC or 1d6 MD).


Candy Flash 

An ionization component can be built into the warhammer that generates a crackling bright flash (usually sugar-pink or lemon-yellow, but occasionally lime green is favored) when the powered-up Doomsucker strikes a target. It has no real effect other than to look ‘crazy sparkly awesome’. 

Some particularly aggressive brats Lollipoppers combine the sucker-head with the staff weapon Candy Cane Gravity Spear for extra hyper-sugary pain and suffering.