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"But Matriarch..."

"No. By the Ten and the Goddess herself; a thousand times NO!"

"Yi yi yi yi yi yi YAAAAIIIIII!"

A blue-glowing ring streaked through the ruined brickwork and masonry, caroming off the broken walls and through the worms. Where it touched, either a molten line of superheated megacrete, or pieces of burrower were left.

With a pulsing hum the ring returned to the Shemarrian Ghost Rider, dressed in glowing lined synth-leather roman skirt and bodice.

"-sigh- This is why I refused to have that infernal weapon developed. I just Knew that Zeenah would act like this... Goddess have mercy on our tribe; why did we all have to awaken in a place called Madheaven? It is just a name!"

The strangely dressed berserker skipped over to her two observing sisters; bowing to her warleader (who just massaged her 3rd antaenae and grimaced) and her shield-mate, Gabrealyah.

"Greetings programmes! It works."

Shemarrian Wargear: Slicer - Ring[]

Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Throwing Disc / Chakram
Weight 6 lbs
Range 165 ft (50 m)
Damage 3d8 MD energized
Damage2 1d4 MD
Rate of Fire As per W.P. (otherwise 1 / turn)
Payload 20 minute power cell
Original Tribe Ghost Rider
Special Note +2 Strike
Special Note2 Radio Linked
Special Note3 Multiple Targets
Special Note4 Severance

Though the Ghost Riders are more known for their skills in cyber and electronic warfare, the occasional innovation in more physical combat would be developed by the eccentric gynoids. One such weapon was the Slicer-Ring; created by one of their Spinsters after berserker-caste warrior Zeenah (self-named after her cyber-ghost accessed several episodes of an ancient vid-show) had unearthed a primitive 3D video-drama, showcasing a fictionalized digital universe, along with the program where her namesake used a similar weapon made of steel. After much debate, the first slicer ring was created, using plasma field technology from recycled Kittani tech, and reverse engineered mag-lev & repulsion devices found in archives buried in Madhaven. 

Slicer-rings are chakram shaped throwing weapons containing micro repulsorlift coils, and tracking gear. When thrown, the Ring will automatically scan the initial target, attack any others of the same type along its flight path, then return. All Slicers have a groove along their outer edge containing the cutting action, which activates when thrown, and shuts off when returning. Thrown like a ring-frisbee or chakram.


The Slicer-Ring has a power cell with 20 minutes of power. It can be recharged via induction on a recharging bracket hooked on the Shemarrian. Recharges in an hour.

Notes: +2 to strike plus W.P.

Radio Linked[]

May be controlled via radio-link and allows the Slicer-Ring to return to the thrower even if the thrower moves.

Multiple Targets[]

Hitting 1D6 targets of users choice after a successful Weapon-systems skill roll to lock on, with an additional +2 to strike. 


Severance results; natural 18-20 will either inflict X3 damage, or remove an extremity on human-scale targets, while a modified 18-20 will result in a critical strike.