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Shooting Star Battle Armor[]

Shooting Star
Model Battle Armour
Type Cyborg Armour
Crew 1
Environmental Yes
Original Tribe Darkwaters
MDC By Location
Head Unknown
Main Body 250 MD
Physical Information
Weight Unknown
Speed Running Unknown
Flying Speed 400 mph, Mach 1 space
Weapon Systems
Primary Weapon Micro-Missile Launchers
Special Systems

This is a suit of Medium Cyborg EBA fitted with launchers for the Shemarrian knock-off copy of the Naruni Enterprises Micro-Missile. The armor has all the properties of Thermo-Kinetic Armor, a powerful anti-gravity pack, and micro-missile launchers in the forearms, shoulders, and legs, turning the Darkwaters warrior into a miniature fightercraft. 


The wearer gains 250 MD, able to fly with the use of the anti-grav pack.


Micro-Missile Launchers[]

Range 2 mile atmosphere
Range2 4 mile space
Damage 6d6 MD 5/ft radius
Damage2 Frag 2d6 MD 18 ft radius
Damage3 2d4 MD 5 ft rad +1d4 MD 2d4 melees
Rate of Fire Volley 1-4
Payload 36

Identical in performance to the regular NE micromissiles with regards to speed, range, and accuracy, but the Shemarrian version sports slightly more powerful warheads

Bonuses: Smart micro-missiles get a +4 to strike.

Payload: 4 each forearm, 8 each shoulder, 6 each leg (36 total)