*Sensor operator on a CCW ship looks at his screen, scratches his chin as the readings look off, then slaps the screen several times.*

"Huh.. Lieutenant.. I think there's something wrong with my console, request permission to run a diagnostic."

*Lieutenant walks up to the console and looking it over,* "hhmm.. Check the secondaries first, then do the primaries. We want to know of any Shemarrians in the area. Even though they're not hostile, I don't think they'll take too kindly to us sneaking through their space on our way to spy on the Splugorth."

"Aye sir."

Meanwhile on the Ghost Rider ship Sauron's Eye, the Lightning Thief looks up at the War Chiefain/Captain with a big grin on her face, "Should I make us appear as a giant whale or a huge flower pot?"

"I don't think they'll get the reference.. How about a giant arrow pointing to a faster route out of our space to an area the Splugorth aren't heavily patrolling."

"AAww.. er.. Yes Matriarch"

When the Shemarrian Star Nation really wants to get going, it gets going with a variety of means of transportation. The first and best known are their infamous Warmounts, domesticated and cyborged creatures, or Awakened robot creations with an animal theme to them. And when the march requires greater distances, greater speed, or greater carrying capacity, the EShemar turn to their growing fleet of vehicles, ships, and vessels.

The Shemarrian Nation and Star Nation have a number of new starships, fighters and other flying craft available to them. Some are available to all Tribes, while some are Tribe specific. Some are adaptations of existing designs with a Shemarrian flare.

All Tribes Edit

Many early ships used by the Tribes are based on those used by other powers, especially seen in the Shemarrian fighters.

EShe-F01 Kamayar Edit

Knock-off of the Naruni Crescent.

EShe-F02 Ryu Edit

Knock-off of the Naruni Star Dragon

EShe-F03 Kris Edit

Knock-off of the Naruni Broadsword.

Blood Rider Edit

Hitode Troop Transport Edit

EFShe-06Br Dazla Fighter Edit

Verasus Edit

A Blood Rider cruiser based on the CCW Warshield

Darkwaters Edit

Astrapade Edit

Darkwaters frigate designed after an armoured prehistoric fish.

 Abyssal Dragon Battleship Edit

Darkwaters variant of the Storm Dragon battleship.

Ika Resource Development Ship Edit

Squid-like in appearance, used for space mining operations.

DwDS-01 Guardian Edit

A fairly simple defense satellite with a rock layer for added protection and stealth capabilities.

Drepanaspis Edit

A heavy cruiser based on the Astrapade frigate.

Ghost Rider Edit

Hawkmoon Edit


A larger scaled up version of the Arkawing.

Horrorwood Edit

Lost Eclipse Edit

Sapphire Cobra Edit

Silvermoon Edit

SkullCrusher Edit

Wayfinder Pathfinder Edit

Wolf’s Path Edit

Fringe Tribes Edit

Clan Flamewing Edit

Helldrake Battleship Edit

Flamewing modified and redesign of the kittani Taskmaster.

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