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“Ever see one of them Scyllar gals going one on one with a Splugorth Slaver? It’s incredible! All punching or kicking tentacles, grappling for a grip, each one o’ them trying to twist the other’s limbs or head off! At the time, though, I didn’t realize one of them was trying to rescue me from the other! I thought them both wuz fightin’ to see who got to eat me! I didn’t know if I was to be rightly amazed at the sight, frightened to hell, or plain motion sick from trying to watch all that action going on at the same time!”


The Sapphire Cobras aren’t the only Tribe with a knack for radical and arguably frightening Elite classes, as anyone who has seen the Scyllan Elite can attest. Those who have, ascribe the design to the so-called ‘Monster Tribe’, though they would be surprised to learn that the Scyllans are found in BOTH the Darkwaters and Horrorwoods Tribes (although it is fairly rare).


The Scylla resembles a Warchieftain(ess) from the waist up; below, the body splits into eight long octopus-like tentacles. Hydrojets in the hips help push the Elite through the water, just like a squid. Ponderous on land (the Scyllan needs at least three intact tentacles to stand up, and four to actually move), the Elite is pure murder underwater and in zero-gravity, able to launch multiple melee attacks. Coordinating all of these attacks fairly taxes even the psionic-positronic nervous systems of the Scyllans, so they have some of the best developed secondary ‘hind-brains’ of any Shemarrian/EShemar, and even then, feedback overload is said to give the Scyllans’ personality an edge of madness. 

The Scylla is believed to have first appeared during the latter stages of the Shemarrian Civil War, but was not known of outside the Tribe for many years afterwards, on account of the two-front war the Darkwaters were fighting, ashore against their Loyalist sisters, and at sea against the Splugorth. Nicknamed ‘Mother Squid’ (but never ‘Octomom’) or ‘Sea Witches’, Scyllans often commanded the handful of submarine warships the Darkwaters managed to acquire/rebuild for power projection against the Splugorth, campaigns they pursued with zeal. It was rumored, for instance, that the Scyllans feasted on the bones of vanquished Horune pirates, and drank from the skulls of Splugorth Slavers. Other claims have been made that these Elite amuse themselves by hunting giant squid, Stidjron, Naut’Yll, and Devil Kraken for sport. 

As noted before, the Scyllan is found in the ranks of both the Darkwaters and Horrorwoods. This transmigration of Elite designs is indicative of the close ties between the two Tribes when it came to the Horrorwoods of the Shemarrian Star Nation taking over many of the amphibious warfare roles that the Darkwaters conducted on Rifts Earth. 

Scyllan Elites are rare, but being based on War Chiefs, they are typically assigned high command positions in charge of DeepWatch bases or deep space facilities. 


Type DW/HW-Scyllan
Class Amphibious Operations Android
Crew Neural Intelligence/Ecotroz
Original Tribe Darkwaters
MDC By Location
Head 90
Main Body 325
Antennas 10 (3)
Upper Arm/Shoulder 120 (2)
Forearm 106 (2)

Hands 20 (2)
Head Dress 100
Armour 150
Tentacles (8) 100 (8)
Physical Size
Height 8 ft, tentacles up to 12 ft
Length 2 ft, tentacles up to 24 ft
Width 4 ft shoulders, tentacles 24 ft
Weight 2800 lbs
Physical Attributes
IQ Unknown
ME Unknown
MA Unknown
PS 42 Robotic
PP 35
PE Unknown
PB Unknown
SPD 40 mph
Leaping 15 ft up, 40 ft across
Swim Speed 45 mph
Maximum Depth 5 miles
Power System Nuclear fusion
Other Attributes
Standard Sensors Standard
Addition Sensor1 Sonar
Additional Sensor2 Underwater Motion Detection
Special Systems
Cybernanite Repair 4d6 MD/hr 60 MDC
Special System 1 Buoyancy Regulator
Special System 2 Depth Gauge
Special System 3 Tentacles
Special System 4 Molecular Adhesion Pads
Weapon Systems
Primary Weapon Blue-Green Wrist Lasers
Secondary Weapon Forearm Ion Blasters
Third Weapon Retractable Vibro-Blades (8)
Fourth Weapon Retractable Tentacle Vibrospikes
Fifth Weapon Ink Jet



The Scylla has a sonar with a range of 3 miles.

Underwater Motion Detection[]

This consists of a skin network of temperature and pressure sensors that pick up changes in the immediate surrounding environment. As long as the gynoid is wearing little or nothing in the way of coverings that would interfere with the sensors, they give the Scyllan a +2 to Initiative, Dodge and Roll underwater. 

Depth Gauge[]

The Scylla has a depth gauge to keep track its depth. 

Special Systems[]

Buoyancy Regulator[]

The Scyllans can control their own buoyancy through the use of special internal varying-state gel ‘organs’. 

Tentacles (8)[]

The tentacles are 12 ft reach each, Robotic P.S. of 35, +15% to Climbing skill, -2 to strike w/ melee weapons, -3 to strike w/ ranged weapons.

Molecular Adhesion Pads[]

The octopus legs are studded with multiple molecular adhesion pads, allowing the Scylla to cling to just about any surface, get a grip on such about anything, and do extra damage tearing multiple silver dollar-sized swaths of skin off a target. 

Weapons Systems[]

Blue-Green Frequency Wrist Lasers (2)[]

Range 2000 ft
Damage 3d6 MD
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Unlimited

These wrist lasers are similar to the standard lasers, excepted designed with blue-green frequency to allowing them to fire both above and below water with no penalties.

Forearm Ion Blaster (2)[]

Range 1600 ft
Range2 1000 ft underwater
Damage 5d6 MD
Damage2 Scatter-Shot 4d6 MD 12 ft area
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Unlimited

In place of the War Chieftain’s light plasma ejector, the Scylla mounts an ion blaster. The ion blasters also have an area of effect ‘spray’ mode for dealing with multiple targets. 

Ion Scatter-Shot Mode: Reduce range to 400 ft, but does 4d6 MD to a 12 ft wide area.

Retractable Tentacle VibroBlades (8)[]

Range Melee
Damage +2d4 MD tentacle punch/slash

Each tentacle conceals in its end a retracting harpoon-like vibroblade.

Damage: +2d4 MD to a tentacle punch/slash

Retractable Tentacle Vibrospikes[]

Range Melee
Damage 1 MD ea
Damage2 +2d6 MD tentacle punch/slap/pry

The multiple molecular adhesion ‘sucker’ pads hold a small extendable ‘tooth-spike’ in their centers, that provides additional anchoring traction, but which also add to the damage on a punch, by ‘biting’ into a struck target and removing silver dollar-sized swaths of skin and flesh when the tentacles pry loose. 

Ink Jet[]

Range 20 ft radius
Range2 80 ft air sprayed
Damage Unknown
Payload 10 applications

A modification of the chemical sprayer system, this system can be used to release a dark, clouding chemical that obscures vision and also has some effect on sonar systems. In air, the system can also be used to spray a jet to blind targets, but a call to strike must be made to aim the fluid at eyes or optics. In the alternative, the ink can be replaced with Gill Clog chemicals, the formula for which was stolen from the Kittani (see Rifts: Underseas. pg 174).

Damage: Creates a blinding cloud in the water that’s virtually impossible to see through (-5 to strike, parry, dodge, disarm, and entangle). Even sonar effectiveness will be degraded 50% (HALF bonuses if using sonar targeting to shoot through the cloud). 

In air, an accurate hit in a target’s eyes will cause them to be temporarily blind; -10 to strike, parry, dodge, disarm, and entangle for 2d6 melee rounds. Those with eye protection will suffer only HALF penalties for 1d6 melee rounds, as the oily chemical tends to stick and smear. 

Use of Handheld Weapons[]

Scyllans can use any handheld weapon, especially Shemarrian weapons. Many Scyllans favor bayonet-equipped rail guns (firing modified super cavitating underwater ammunition) or large spears/harpoons/polearms. 


Attacks Per Melee 9 +4 tentacle
Initiative +3
Dodge +7
Parry +7, +1/tentacle helping
Auto Dodge Unknown
Strike +4, +7 ranged
Roll +4
Pull Punch +4
Disarm +2, +2 from tentacles
Entangle +2, +3 from tentacles
Knockout/Stun Unknown
Critical Strike 18-20
Restrained Punch 1d4 MD
Full Punch 2d6 MD
Power Punch 6d6 MD 2 att
Tear/Pry with hands 2d6 MD
Body Block/Tackle 4d6 MD
Tentacle Kick/Punch 1d6 MD
Tentacle Tear/Pry 2d4 MD
Tentacle Squeeze/Crush 2d6 MD

The following bonuses are in addition to any the Scyllan gets from additional skills/modifications

Actions/Attacks Per Melee: 9 +4 tentacle attacks, + 1 additional attack at levels 3, 6, and 12

Paired Weapons


The skills of the EShemar Scyllans depend on their origins and their level of experience. 

Progen-born Scyllans will start with the full base hand to hand combat programming of the Shemarrian Warchief, but retain/add W.P. Energy Pistol. W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Heavy MDC Weapons (all at 8th level), replace W.P. Axe with W.P. Harpoon & Spear Gun, W.P. Targeting with W.P. Grappling Hooks. W.P. Polearm with W.P. Tridents (all at 9th level).


Skill %
Swimming 98
Scuba 94
Wilderness: Undersea & Sea Survival 75
Pilot: Boats (two of choice) 88
Pilot: Military (submersibles or Warhships/Patrol hydrofoils) 88
Pilot: Water Scooters 90
Demolitions: Underwater 90

Can acquire additional skills as normal for an Ecotroz Nueral Intelligence.

Psionics: As for the Ecotroz. About 30% of Scyllans are also Psi-Shamanesses. 


Tentacle Mail[]

A set of segmented applique armor sections that can be added to the Scylla’s tentacle-legs, adding +60 MDC to them, but restricting mobility somewhat: -1 to strike, parry, and entangle with them.


EShemar Dw-Scyllan-Astra[]

This is the dedicated deep space variant exclusive to the Shemarrian Star Nation Darkwaters Tribe. The following changes are made to the base Scylla

Repulsor Tethers[]

One Upgrade that is unique to the Darkwaters is the Repulsor Tether. Darkwater members are modified with implants that allow them to fly effortlessly inside and around their spacecraft when in zero-gee without the need of kicking off surfaces or wasteful reaction jets, but by alternate attraction/repulsion between their own bodies and the structures of their ships. With the RT system, Darkwaters crew members can flit about their ships at running speed, effortlessly. The RT system also provides a safety net when performing EVAs; the crew members can fly about (at up to x4 times their maximum running speed) their spacecraft like orbiting satellites (effective range; 12-15 ft for ships of 15 tons mass or less, up to 50 ft for ships of up to 6,000 tons mass, and up to 200 ft for ships of 50,000 tons mass or more), making them deadly adversaries in close combat about their spacecraft.

Space Propulsion System[]

A system of jets and a mini-CG jetpack that allow the Scylla to fly through space at roughly Mach 1.3


Replaces the above exclusive programming with the following:

Skill %
Movement: Zero Gravity
Combat: Zero Gravity (Advanced)
EVA 98
Pilot Spacecraft: General 90
Navigation: Space 90
Space: Depressurization Training 98