EShemarrian Wiki


Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Particle Weapon
Weight 11 lbs
Range 1200 ft
Damage 5d6 MD single barrel
Damage2 1d6x10 dual barrel
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 24 shots
Original Tribe Unknown
Special Note Conduction Recharge

This is a large heavy armored gauntlet with two cylinders, actually particle-beam projectors, mounted along the line of the forearm. Despite its exotic appearance, its internal workings are actually based on the Northern Gun NG-45LP ‘Long Pistol’, copied for use by the Shemarrians. Clenching the fist, or touching a palm-trigger, fires the weapon. The Puls-Gauntlet has appeared being worn by War Chiefs and the occasional Warrior and Male Shemarrian, never War-Goddesses, Berserkers, or Pariahs.

The Puls-Gauntlet was one of the first weapons created by the Ecotroz Shemarrians after being cut off from ARCHIE's secret weapon caches and had stabilized an infrastructure before the height of the Civil War.

Conduction Recharge[]

The puls-gauntlet has a 24 shot capacitor, and fitted with induction technology to conditionally give it unlimited power, tapping into the Shemarrian’s own power system. Recharges at a rate of 1 shot per 5 minutes, attached to the Shemarrian’s arm. This feature was added after the Civil War when manufacturing and research infrastructures were more established.