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EShe-BrPMW-03 Plasma Whip[]

Based on the Kittani Plasma Net, this is a single long strand of armored conduit chain. It can be used to slash at a target, or can be used to entangle a limb and inflict serious burns(and possibly amputate a limb). 

Plasma Whip
Weapon Stats
Model EShe-BrPMW-03
Type Whip
Range Melee (14 ft reach)
Damage 2d6 SD
Damage2 1d6+2 MD Energized
Damage3 6d6 MD Full melee / entangled
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 60 min per e-clip / Unlimited
Original Tribe Blood Rider
Special Note Recharge

Special Notes[]

60 minutes per e-clip. Recharges at a rate of 5 minutes of active power in 10 minutes (takes 2 hours to fully recharge).