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"Look.. a shooting star! Good omen for our raid!"

Last words of a Splugorth raiding party on seeing a PHKT being launched from orbit.


Plasma Hunter-Killer Torpedo
Weapon Stats
Model PHKT
Type Missile
MDC of Weapon 60 MDC of projectile
Range Varies by missile (long range typical)
Damage 2d6x10 MD 100 ft area
Rate of Fire Typically Volley 1-10
Payload Typical 60 missiles
Original Tribe Blood Rider

This weapon, first seen on the Hitode, appears to be either an earlier version of the Plasma Torpedo Launcher, or a later version of the same weapon. Rather than launch a bolt of pure plasma, the weapon launches an actual material projectile; a missile-borne electromagnetic generator that wraps a shell of weapon-temperature plasma around itself. The generator/sustainer missile has its own onboard sensors calibrated to see through its plasma shell, allowing it to home in targets independent of its firing vessel, and at far greater range than direct fire weaponry. Though this weapon is dependent on a supply of specialized munitions (rather than the infinite capacity of the regular PTL), and the plasma-shrouded projectiles show up on energy sensors more readily than standard ‘cold’ missiles, the PHKTL has superior range, speed, and accuracy. The plasma shell also gives the PHKTL superior penetration capabilities against point defense systems.

These weapons are generally only found on Blood Rider ships.