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EShe-BrPMW-05 Plasma Blade[]

Plasma Blade
Weapon Stats
Model EShe-BrPMW-05
Type Knife / Short Blade
Range Melee
Damage 4d4 MD
Damage2 +1d6 MD Energized
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Unlimited
Original Tribe Blood Rider
Special Note Cauterize
Special Note2 Plasma torch

This is the PMW-04’s bigger cousin, a large

cleaver-like sword that does much more damage/removes much more material faster. It has unlimited payload by drawing power via conduction in the hands of a Shemarrian. 

Special Notes[]

A successful medical skill roll is needed to accomplish cauterization with this device.

The plasma blade can act as a plasma torch with a range of 5 inches.