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EShe-BrPMW-01 Plasma Axe-[]

This is simply a Shemarrian copy of the Kittani Double-Bladed Plasma Axe, with some stylistic differences.

Plasma Axe
Weapon Stats
Model ESHe-BrPMW-01
Type Axe/ Plasma Blaster
Range Melee
Range2 200 feet
Damage 1d4 MD Blunt
Damage2 1d4x10 MD Energized
Damage3 1d4x10 MD Plasma Blast
Rate of Fire EECH
Payload 6 shot capacitor / Unlimited in hands of Shemarrian
Original Tribe Blood Rider
Special Note Recharges

Special Notes[]

The plasma axe has a 6 shot capacitor and recharges at a rate of 5 minutes of active power in 10 minutes (takes 2 hours to fully recharge), or 1 plasma blast every 20 minutes, in the hands of other classes.