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“Creatures of Darkness, feel the cleansing caress of the Light!”

Photonic Grenade[]

Photonic Grenade
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Grenade
Weight 12 ounces
MDC of Weapon 40 SDC
Range 120 ft thrown
Range2 double range w/ robotic/supernatural Strength
Damage 4d6 Md 30 ft radius
Damage2 +50% overload
Rate of Fire Unknown
Payload 1
Original Tribe Silvermoon
Special Note Overload
Special Note2 Area damage
Special Note3 Airfoil
Special Note4 Blinding Flash

This is a Silvermoon copy of the Wilks ‘Beehive’ Laser Grenade, only improved for greater damage, and modified to include the blinding effect of the ‘Blinder’ Grenade. The grenade can also be set for one of two modes; in the first it can be recovered after combat and recharged for reuse, while in the second mode, it can be supercharged to do more damage, but also destroys itself in the process. It can also be fitted into a crescent-shaped winglet airfoil for greater throwing range. Originally exclusive to the Silvermoons, the ordnance has begun appearing with other Tribes as well. 


When set to overload increase damage by 50% if the weapon is set to self-destruct (rather than left intact for recovery and re-use).

Area Damage[]

Since the Photonoic Grenade unleases its lasers over a large area, it affects larger sized targets far greater than normal. Giant-sized targets take 6d6 MD, and car-sized targets take 2d4x10 MD. When set to overload, increase damage by 50%, so base damage is 6d6 MD, giants take 9d6 MD, and car-sized targets or bigger take 3d6x10 MD.


The photonic grenade can be fitted with an airfoil, increasing range by 50%.

Blinding Flash[]

In a 40 ft radius, the Photonic Grenade generates blinding effects similar to the Wilks Blinding Grenade (see Rifts Game Master Guide, pg. 177).


Single shot; the weapon can be recovered and recharged for re-use if a ‘reuse’ mode is set before throwing. Setting to overload destroys the weapon.