EShemarrian Wiki

A form of toxic spores found on the planet Deon.


These are the toxic spores of a native Deonese fungus. If inhaled, they cause a painful condition similar to encephalitis, attacking the brain and nervous tissues. Though relatively easy to survive, the side effects can be long term, including relapses of short term memory loss and permanent amnesia. It is believed that it is mass-phazeospore poisonings that have led to the formation of many of the ‘feral’ gangs of escaped prisoners eking out a tribal existence in the tunnel system. 


Save versus non-lethal poison or suffer high fever, vomiting, temporary blindness, and dementia. 60% chance of suffering short-term memory loss covering a period of 1d6 hours around the time of infection. 20% chance of suffering full-blown amnesia (lose 1d6 skills and -15% to remaining skills). 


Initial onset effects last 2d8 hours. At the end of that period the victim recovers, but may suffer short term memory loss (60% chance) or long term memory loss (20%). Roll again once every week for 1d4 months against periodic relapses and loss of 1d4 hours of short term memory, especially when under stress. 

Subsequent exposure to phazeospores have NO effect aside from coughing and wheezing.