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EShe-BrMEP01 Medical Injector Pistol[]

Medical Injector Pistol
Weapon Stats
Model EShe-BrMEP01
Type Medical Device
Range Melee
Damage None
Damage2 Varies by payload
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Varies
Original Tribe Blood Rider
Special Note Variable Payload

This is essentially a hopped-up Compu-Drug injector mated to a pistol grip. The entire drug cartridge/module is mounted on top and can be swapped out in seconds. The pistol can also be used to deliver various nanites, in addition to normal drugs. Developed originally to keep Blood Rider warriors in the field longer, the pistol and its various specialized loads have since been adopted by the other Tribes. The thing looks scary as hell, though, coming at you, especially if you don’t like needles to begin with. 


The medical injector pistol can be loaded with various different drugs, nanites, toxins, venoms or poisons. The following are typical loads.

Name Effect Payload
Water Damage vampires or inject distilled water 1
Nanoflix Repair 1d4x10 MD 1
IRMSS Functions just like an IRMSS 10


If used to dispense water, unloading the full cartridge into a vampire does 4d6 HP. Otherwise, it holds about 8 oz of water.


Nanofix is a general repair nanite ‘drug’ based on 3G Metal-Spray; it instantly repairs 1d4x10 MD of gross MDC damage and provides a ‘scaffolding’ and spare material for a Shemarrian’s own nanite regeneration system to work on. If used on a limb or body part that has sustained damage and mobility penalties, Nanofix will help restore the overall damage, but not mobility (use the general ‘healing’ rate of the Shemarrian’s own nanoregen to calculate when the limb/system becomes fully functional again, until the natural regeneration cycle is finished, the damaged part will appear discolored and disfigured until the ‘scarring’ is re-absorbed into the structure). 


This is exactly like the IRMSS available to most races, except in a cartridge to fit the Medical Injector Pistol. Has 10 doses.