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The Makatos is a large tunnel predator native to Deon. It resembles an overgrown bull terrier in shape; four -legged, with a large blunt head that ends in a four-part massive betoothed jaw. It travels the tunnels of Deon in packs, hunting down and devouring other animals. Of late, it has learned to hunt the newcomers; escaped prisoners and fugitive Minions alike. The name ‘Makatos’ comes from the native tongue of one of the few survivors of an attack by these predators; ‘makatos’ meaning ‘quiet death’. 

The Makatos has one notable vulnerability; its sensitive hearing makes certain sonic frequencies, especially one emitted by many types of vibroblade, extremely painful to the creature. The creatures will try to avoid coming within 60 ft of an active vibroblade; they will lose coordination and thrash in great distress if forced within that radius. This was discovered to the glee of the Blood Rider Berserkers who have discovered that their vibroblades have just the RIGHT frequency. 


Alignment Anarchist (Animal)
Physical Size
Height 4 ft
Length 7 ft
Weight 400-800 lbs
Physical Attributes
IQ 8 Animal
ME 18
MA 3
PS 26 Supernatural
PP 19
PE 28 Supernatural
PB 1
SPD 70
Other Attributes
MDC 20-25
Horror Factor 12
Special Abilities

Makatos' hare minor MDC creatures with supernatural strength and endurance. Able to run up to 50 mph for extended periods before tiring makes these creatures a great hazard in the tunnels. 

Natural Abilities[]

Makatos have a number of natural abilities that make them excellent hunters.

Excellent Hearing[]

Makatos have excellent hearing, allowing them to detect prey at great distances. +1 Perception, +2 initiative, +1 parry/dodge


Makatos are fairly stealthy creatures. Prowl 61%.

Stink Gland[]

If badly frightened or outmatched, the Makatos will attempt to retreat, emitting a foul odour as it does so. Creatures within 30 feet of the Makatos must make a save vs poison 13 or are nauseated, suffering -2 to attacks rolls, -10% to all skills, losing 1 attack and initiative.

Natural Sense of Direction[]

The Makatos has an incredible ability to know the direction it is faction, knowing true north on Deon. 98%


Makatos are apparently vulnerable tot he sonic frequencies of most vibroblades. While within 60 feet of an active vibroblade, the wielder is considered to have a Horror Factor of 14 to the Makatos. Blood Rider vibroblades are a frequency that Makatos' are even more sensitive to. Wielders of Blood Rider vibro weapons are considered to have a Horror Factor of 16 to Makatos.


Makatos have several natural weapons they use for hunting, including claws and a powerful bite.

4 attacks per melee

Attack Range Damage
Bite Melee 3d6 MD
Claw Melee 1d4 MD

Other Information[]

Hunting Orientation[]

Makatos form packs of 3d6 members. Makatos will take on creatures larger then themselves while in packs.

Food Type[]

Makakos eat the flesh and marrow from bones of most lifeforms they encounter and can kill.