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Laser Lance[]

Laser Lance
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Laser Rifle
Weight 130 lbs +325 lbs e-canister, 200 lbs super e-pack
Range 9000 ft
Damage 4d6 MD light
Damage2 2d4x10 MD heavy
Rate of Fire Single, ECHH
Payload 4 light/1 heavy per e-clip

8 light/2 heavy per long e-clip 32 light/16 heavy per e-canister 400 light/200 heavy per super e-pack Unlimited nuclear reactor

Original Tribe Silvermoon
Special Note Laser targeting

This weapon looks superficially like the standard Shemarrian Rail Gun, but is a powerful long range laser based on studies of Kittani power armor weapons. It can be powered by standard E-clips, E-Canisters, or by a power link to a vehicular or warmount power plant. It is essentially a cyborg-portable laser cannon.

Special Notes[]

The Silvermoons also have a regenerating e-canister that has 30 light/ 15 heavy shots and regenerates 4 shots per hour, up to seven times.

Laser Targeting[]

Integral laser targeting and computer sight adds a +2 to strike


The Laser Lance CANNOT be fitted with a bayonet.