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EShe-LPP85 Laser Pulse Rifle[]

The LPP85 came about soon after ARCHIE-3 began committing his regular robot minions to the war against his renegade Shemarrian creations. EShemar forces facing A-63 All-Purpose Heavy Robots armed with ARCH-22 Pulse Rifles soon discovered that the Dark One’s drones had weapons that had better damage and greater efficiency than their own LPP80 laser rifles. Although the standard Shemarrian weapon of choice was the superior (in both range and damage) 4000-6000 series rail guns, the thought of the Dark One having a superior weapon of ANY category grated something fierce on the EShemar psyche. As soon as they were able to acquire the means, the rebel EShemar reverse-engineered the ARCH-22 to produce the LPP85 .


The LLP85 is simply the ARCH-22 remodelled to better suit the Shemarrian aesthetic, adding a sighting package and bayonet socket. The weapons have also been modified to use standard e-clips, rather than the canister-like Arch-3030, or can be power-linked to the EShemars’ powerplants (androids’ or warmounts’). The new LLP85 quickly began to replace the older LPP80, starting with the Male scouts and Female rangers who most often used laser sniper rifles, though the LPP80 continues to be produced and used by many smaller tribal groups. 


LPP85 Laser Pulse Rifle
Weapon Stats
Model LPP85
Type Pulse Laser
Weight 22 lbs
MDC of Weapon 50
Range 3000 ft
Damage 1d6 MD single
Damage2 3d6 MD Triple
Damage3 5d6 MD 5 shot
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 90 single/long e-clip
Original Tribe Unknown
Special Note Vibro Bayonet Socket
Special Note2 Targeting bonus

Special Features[]

Vibro-Bayonet Socket[]

A vibro-bayonet can be mounted under the muzzle.

Targeting Sight[]

The targeting sight grants +1 to strike.