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Eshe-LPP800 Laser Pulse Rifle[]

LPP800 Laser Pulse Rifle
Weapon Stats
Model LPP800
Type Pulse Laser
Weight 22 lbs
MDC of Weapon 60
Range 3750 ft
Damage 1d6+1 MD
Damage2 4d6+4 MD / five shot burst
Rate of Fire Standard
Payload 90 single or 18 pulse blast / eclip
Original Tribe Silvermoon
Special Note Mount Bayonet
Special Note2 +1 to strike

This is simply a refined and improved version of the heritage-era She-LPP80 Laser Pulse Rifle, with better range, damage, and efficiency. This weapon is commonly issued to Silvermoon NeShemar ‘militias’ and affiliated forces. CAN be fitted with a vibro-bayonet.