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DwDS-01 Guardian[]

The Guardian satellites were first deployed by the Darkwaters as a form of extra defense for their shipyards, stations and large mining installations as a static defense. The satellite itself is ovoid with a weapon turret at each end. The sides mount retractable solar panels to aid power generation and extend the life of the nuclear power packs. These satellites then have a rock layer that is impregnated with sensor scattering materials to aid in keeping the presence of the satellites secret. The small, but efficient solar panels allow the satellite to operate at extremely low power and its sensors in passive mode to keep its signature low until it detects enemies or a signal from friendly Shemarrian forces activate the satellites into full mode.  The added rock layer helps add extra protection to the satellite.

The Darkwaters deploys dozens to hundreds or more around their installations and sometimes liter them randomly throughout a star system to act as early warning and to harass incoming trespassers. A small, put powerful thruster allows the satellite to maintain its position, and when the satellite is near destruction, to quickly jet towards a target, overloading the power core in a kamikaze attack. Several maneuvering thrusters help it evade enemy fire, or while in orbit to maintain position.

Other tribes have fielded the Guardian to add to their defensive forces with some tribes fitting their own weapons, such as Blood Riders fitting plasma cannons, Skullcrushers fitting heavier railguns, Silvermoon fitting improved lasers.


Guardian Defense Satellite
Type DwDS-01
Class Autonomous Defense Satellite
Crew 0
Original Tribe Darkwaters
MDC By Location
Main Body 200
Solar Collectors (2) 100
Weapon Turrets (2) Unknown
Force Field 300
Physical Size
Length 18 ft
Width 18 ft, 30 ft panels deployed
Height 32 ft
Weight 10 tons
Cargo None
Powerplant Nuclear w/10 year

Passive mode 20 years

Atmospheric Speed Can not enter atmosphere
Sublight Speed Stationary Orbit

Mach 16 1 minute, full speed in 1 melee

Sensors Comms
Standard Sensors Standard Aerospace Fighter Systems
Special Comm System Encryptic Radio
Special Systems
Cybernanite Repair None
Special System 1 Rock Layer
Weapon Systems
Primary Weapon Weapon Turret (2)
Secondary Weapon Mini-Missile Launchers (4)
Third Weapon Self Destruct

Special Systems[]

Rock Layer[]

The satellite is coated in an artificially created rock layer that is impregnated with sensor scattering materials, giving it excellent stealth characteristics, and even on close intensive scans the satellite will read as rock and ice, like any other floating asteroid. Sensors suffer -85%, and targeting systems suffer -2 to strike while the rock layer is intact (stealth system ineffective when rock layer reaches 20 MDC). The rock layer is also designed with ablative properties, reducing damage from energy weapons by 25%. This property is only effective once the forcefield is depleted.

Weapons Systems[]

Weapon Turrets (2)[]

The turrets are modular allowing for different weapons to be fitted, depending on expected opponents or available systems. Both or each one can hold ONE of the following: 

GR Cannon[]
Range 10 miles
Damage 4d6x10 MD / 20 rd burst
Rate of Fire EPCHH
Payload 500 bursts ea

A standard GR cannon found on many ships in the Shemarrian fleets, making re-armament quick and easy.

Laser Cannon[]
Range 3.6 miles
Damage 2d4x10 MD
Rate of Fire EPCHH
Payload Unlimited

A standard fighter sized laser cannon. Silvermoon Guardians are usually equipped with enhanced versions.

Particle Beam Cannon[]
Range 2 miles
Damage 5d6x10 MD
Rate of Fire EGCHH
Payload Unlimited

A close ranged weapon that deals heavy damage, especially when it strikes a critical system.

Criticals on a natural roll of 18-20.

Mini-Missile Launchers (4)[]

Range Typically 1 mile
Damage varies by type loaded
Rate of Fire Volleys 1-4 each
Payload 16 mini-missiles each (64 total)

Four mini-missile launchers are fitted on the sides above and

below the solar panels.

Self Destruct[]

Range 500 ft radius
Damage 5d6x10 MD

When the main body reaches 50 or less MDC, the Guardian is programmed to overload its power core and use its thruster to blast towards the closest large target and detonate.


Attacks Per Melee 5
Initiative +2, +5 while in passive mode and not detected
Dodge +2
Parry Unknown
Auto Dodge Unknown
Strike +5
Roll +2
Pull Punch Unknown
Disarm Unknown
Entangle Unknown
Knockout/Stun Unknown
Critical Strike Unknown

The Guardian is programmed to remain in passive mode, powering down systems and using its sensors in passive mode. Once an unauthorized target is within range, it powers up (taking 3 seconds) and attacks, while sending a signal to nearest Shemarrian forces all that its sensors have recorded of the intruder.

  • Pilot: Space Fighter(for manevering purposes) 75%
  • Navigation: (Air/Space) 96%
  • Radio: Basic 98%
  • Math: Basic 98%
  • Read Sensory Instruments 80%