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“Tribe Prada Shall Rise Again!!”

“Not if I have anything to do with it.”

“I greet you, Sisters, in the name of the Shemarrian Nation. We welcome yo-”

“Fine, thank you, thanks a lot. Now that we have the greetings out of the way, let’s get down to business. What are we all going to go off and kill today? Because Tribe Deathscythe is looking for a good fight today, and we hear you folks know lots of good targets out there.”

"By the Goddess! What have we stumbled upon?!"

"Some long-lost or buried personality aspect of ourselves made manifest in flesh, I suspect."

Fringe Tribe Generator[]

Want to play a Shemarrian, but don’t want to be taking orders from ARCHIE-3? Don’t want to be a member of the Eleven Tribes either? Or do you just want to throw Shemarrian-like opponents at your players but can’t justify them just popping up out of nowhere? Well, it’s a big Megaverse, and just as humans seem to be EVERYWHERE, there are other peoples out there that may be just as common. Even the Shemarrians have them; splinter-factions of the original Tribes, alternate universe mirror-avatars, or people who want to be cool and mysterious like the Shemarrians. The Tribal Elders are already getting cogitation circuit aches just trying to deal with judging if all these possible ‘Shemarrians’ qualify for membership in the Shemarrian Nation. 

Here’s a few charts, created with the help of the Wayfinders, to help come up with some possibilities, from funny-bizarre to evil grimdark. 

General Template[]


% Resykt
01-50 Splinter of Existing Tribe Broke away from an existing Tribe for some reason (philosophical, separated by time/space, wanted to experiment with radical new technologies, etc.) (See Origin Tribe to determine original Tribe) (+25% to Technology)
51-75 Evolved Naturally (Alt Univ) Look a lot like the Rifts Earth Shemarrians, and could be mistaken for them from a distance, but likely have a large number of differences. (see Cyberization to determine degree of cyber-imitation and -15% on it)
76-00 Wannabes Outsiders who want to imitate the Shemarrians for whatever reason (see Cyberization to determine degree of cyber-imitation) (+5% to Technology)

Where First Encountered?[]

% Result
01-20 Rifts Earth
21-50 Three Galaxies
51-00 Other Universe

Tribe Size[]

01-10 Tiny Little bigger than some of the original Tribes; 1d4x-100 members
11-25 Small 500-1,000 members. Essentially large town-sized.
26-50 Modest 1d10x1,000 members. Enough to occupy a large city of Rifts Earth, Above these numbers you’re unlikely to encounter the entire population of these people on Rifts Earth, but that doesn’t preclude encountering individuals.
51-69 Large 1d10x10,000 members. They could claim a large pre-Rifts city for themselves.
70-89 Extensive 1d10x100,000 members. Not numbers to get mad at you.
90-00 Huge 1d10x1 million+ members. We’re starting to talk statehood or official Tribe status here.

Tribe Organization[]

% Result
01-50 Headswoman Traditional Matriarchy, typically hereditary or selected by a council of elders.
51-55 Headsman A rare PATRIARCHAL Shemarrian tribal organization, typically hereditary or selected by a council of elders.
56-65 Democracy The tribe elects its leaders with each recognized tribesman having a vote.
66-75 Meritocracy The tribe is led by its highest achievers.
76-95 Trial By Combat Leaders are chosen by ritual combat, regardless of gender.
96-00 Anarchy The

tribe really doesn’t have leaders; people just do stuff, or else they might be directed by the outcome of various rituals (like casting the i-Ching or reading signs and portents in Splugorth minion guts).

Tribal Composition[]

(Evolved Tribes can ignore this step) 

Roll to determine what caste-class makes up the largest proportion of the tribe, then roll percentile dice to determine what that percentile is. Then divvy up the remaining, making sure that the remaining individual percentiles do not exceed that of the first rolled (this may take some adjusting, or just select).

% Result
01-05 Oresheme
06-16 NeShemar
17-20 Pariah/Acolyte
21-25 Male Shemarrian
26-55 Warriors
56-60 Tinkers/Spinsters
61-75 Berserker
76-85 Warchiefs
86-95 Elites
96-00 Wargoddesses

Highest Caste Class[]

(Evolved Tribes can ignore this step) What is the highest ‘caste-rank’ in the tribe? 

This may throw off the previous Tribal Composition chart, in which case readjust tribal composition accordingly. 

% Result
01-05 Oresheme
06-16 NeShemar
17-20 Pariah/Acolyte
21-25 Male Shemarrian
26-55 Warriors
56-60 Tinkers/Spinsters
61-75 Berserker
76-85 Warchief
86-95 Elite
96-00 Wargoddess

Gender Division[]

Roll on the following to determine gender ratios: after rolling for the more numerous gender, roll percentile dice again for a score of 50% or better to determine the gender ratio (again, this may mess with previous rolls on the Tribal Composition charts; choose or adjust accordingly to preference.

% Result
01-45 Female
46-90 Male
91-00 Indeterminate This covers androgynous or hermaphrodite castes, or genderless robots and golems.

Home Environment[]

01-20 Nomadic Space Dwellers
21-40 Airless Rocky Worlds
41-60 Temperate Earth-like Life Worlds
61-70 High Gravity Worlds
71-80 Desert Worlds
71-90 Ice Worlds
91-95 Aquatic Worlds
95-00 Wreck/Death Worlds

Technology Level[]

% Result
01-05 Primitive Technology raises little higher than the Steam Age. Particularly advanced technology integral to the tribe, such as cybernetic/bionic implants, may be magical in nature (Steampunk Shemarrians?!) or regarded as such, with the secrets of their production and installation guarded as sacred.
06-15 Computer Age Technology is roughly equal to up to the early Rifts Earth Golden Age. Particularly advanced technology integral to the tribe, such as cybernetic/bionic implants, are regarded as the work of especially skilled craftsmanship, but the tribe may lack the ability to produce advanced weaponry and other accessory hardware.
16-65 Megadamage Age Roughly equal to Rifts Earth canon and ARCHIE-3 canon Shemarrians. Megadamage weapons and equipment are readily available to the abilities of this tribe.
76-92 Advanced Space Age Roughly equal to Three Galaxies’ technology. The ability to produce starships and associated technologies is well within this tribe’s grasp.
93-99 Supertech The tribe possesses an aptitude for a particular field of technology that pushes it into the range of Elder Races, like the Dominators.
00 Hypertech The tribe possesses an overall level of technology that puts it in the class of technogods or Elder Ones. Many may wonder what such a tribe is doing hanging around with the ‘lesser’ peoples.

Relations with Outsiders[]

% Result
01-20 Friendly The tribe is friendly and welcoming towards outsiders, and will do business with them.
21-80 Indifferent The tribe doesn’t have much truck with outsiders, and strangers are firmly rebuffed to be on their way and not bother the tribe. Those who ignore the warnings will be attacked and driven away!
81-00 Aggressive Strangers are attacked and driven away, and what the tribe wants, the tribe TAKES.

Relations with Other ‘Shemarrians’[]

% Result
01-10 Hostile Leave us alone, you posers. WE’RE the original true Shemarrians.
11-30 Neutral So you’re like us, that’s nice. Judge on a case-by-case basis, and limited contacts.
31-80 Open So we’re alike; but we don’t trust all of you (especially those guys in the back). Open contacts, but the tribe tends to do its own thing for the most part. Will send representatives to Shemarrian Nation events and congresses, but reserves the right to opt out of any declared joint actions.
81-00 Enthusiastic So we’re like one big happy family? Cool! Open and free association with other Tribes and tribes, will trade and cooperate with the Shemarrian Nation with few, if any, reservations.


What is the general motivation of the tribe?

% Result
01-25 Survival The tribe is geared towards survival in a hostile Megaverse. Whatever it takes, the tribe will survive.
26-50 Crusade The tribe has a Great Enemy, be it a specific species (Splugorth, ARCHIE-3, Golgans, demons, etc.) or a general attitude (ignorance, poverty, slavery, death, etc. ) that its members work towards defeating.
51-60 Knowledge The tribe is bent on exploration and discovery.
61-70 Pleasure The tribe just wants to have fun, enjoy themselves, and sample what the megaverse has to offer.
71-90 Combat It doesn’t matter against WHOM, the tribe just lives for the thrill of combat and the struggle.
91-00 Power The tribe exists to build something greater than itself and extend its dominance/impose its philosophies over others. Empire is its own reward.

Preferred Mode of Combat[]

% Result
01-10 Melee Close and bloody
11-20 Ranged Sniper Strike Long distance and inhumanly accurate infantry tactics.
21-30 Sneak Attack Small fast pinpoint strikes from ambush or cloaked warmounts/vehicles. Quick and quiet.
31-40 Artillery Barrage Long range and heavy. One rarely ever sees the tribe on the battlefield; only the effects of their long range gunnery.
41-50 Cavalry Prefer to fight from their warmounts and maneuver like tanks.
51-60 Air Strike Favors aerial warmounts and air attacks.
61-80 Blitzkrieg Favors combined arms air/ground/ sea/space operations, rather than focus on only one aspect of the battlefield.
81-90 Terror Psychological attacks meant to frighten and demoralize. Tend to be fairly graphic and traumatizing.
91-95 Cyber/Techno-attack High tech equipment is at risk; attacks on power systems, viral invasion of computerized hardware, subversion of communications. If the tribe is non-technological, this may take the form of Splicers-style biological weapons or anti-tech magic.
96-00 Siege The tribe favors large vehicles/weapons platforms and logistics-heavy tactics, surrounding and isolating an enemy, then grinding them down via attrition.

Unique Attributes[]

What sets the tribe apart from others? 

% Result
01-15 Unique Technology The tribe has some technology (typically weaponry) that is exclusive to the tribe and rarely traded with others.
16-25 Unique Warmounts The tribe has unique warmounts that are exclusive to the tribe and never traded to others. These can be wholly biological or cyborg/robot warmounts.
26-30 Unique Warriors The tribe has an Elite or special class of warriors that is unique to it, such as superbeings.
31-50 Major Psychics The tribe has an exceptional number of higher-order psychics among its ranks or abilities unique to all its members.
51-55 Major Magic Users The tribe possesses an exceptional number of mages amongst its ranks, or else the tribe members all have exceptionally high PPE and innate spell casting abilities.
56-70 Bizarre Rituals The tribe practices exceptionally bizarre rituals that may or may not give them special abilities. They may worship gods and goddesses unique to them or not followed by other Shemar.
71-85 Environmental Aptitude The tribe is uniquely adapted to its home environment; this could be as simple as being able to vanish into the shadows of deep space, or as potent as being able to command the animals of an entire ecosystem.
86-94 Exceptional Combat Skills The tribe is particularly adept at combat, and has bonuses and combat abilities above what they otherwise should (like extra attacks per melee, bonuses to strike, or special combat moves).
95-00 Unusual Allies The tribe has good relations with potentially powerful non-Shemar allies that they can call upon for assistance. These could be other species (the Shing, Altess, Trensik, etc...) or supernatural beings (Elementals, shadowbeasts, dragons, etc.). These can be simple allies or powerful patrons who provide material and military support.


Overall, how is the tribe doing? 

% Result
01-05 Suffering The tribe is dirt-poor and desperate for resources. Equipment needs repair/replacement, there’s little surplus supplies for projects, and the tribe is only a bad season or one or two defeats away from disbanding/extinction.
06-15 Struggling The tribe could do better, but it could do worse. They have perhaps replacement gear and warmounts for maybe 25% of their number, and their Tinkers/alchemists/mechanics are just keeping up with the demand for ammunition and other supplies. They have some reserve capacity for emergencies, but only if they implement austerity measures afterwards.
16-54 Self-Sufficient The tribe is doing well for itself, with an ample supply of material for its projects, provided they are of modest ambition, replacement weaponry and warmounts for 50% of their number, a modest surplus, and enough disposable material for some small trading.
55-89 Successful The tribe is very well off, with replacement weaponry and equipment on demand, enough to supply every member in the tribe, and enough surplus capacity to spare for larger projects and trade.
90-94 Prosperous The tribe doesn’t want for material and resources, can carry out large scale projects, and trade on a large scale in bulk, enough to supply several satellite tribes.
95-00 Wealth This approaches Altess-levels of wealth. The tribe could live very well and buy itself a place among other races if it so chose. This tribe can bankroll massive projects like the construction of entire fleets, the terraforming of multiple planets, and the construction of artificial wormhole gates.

Origin Tribe[]

This determines which Tribe a Fringe Tribe splintered off from. 

% Result
01-08 Hawkmoon
09-18 Darkwaters
19-27 Blood Riders
28-32 Ghost Riders
33-45 Skullcrushers
46-55 Horrorwoods
56-65 Wolf's Path
66-75 Silvermoon
76-86 Sapphire Cobra
87-95 Wayfinders
96-00 Lost Eclipse/Nightmare


This chart can be used by Naturally-Evolved Tribes or Wannabes to determine how extensive their cyborgization is.

% Result
01-20 None The tribe either has cultural reservations against cybernetics, or else they can’t afford them (they can sure DRESS like Shemarrians, however).
21-40 Modest Roughly 40% of the tribe possesses 1d6 cybernetic implants. Perhaps 5% of their number qualify as Partial or Full Cyborgs.
41-70 Extensive About 60% of the tribe possesses 2d4 cybernetics, and roughly 15% qualify as cyborgs.
71-90 Thorough About 50% of the tribe are full conversion cyborgs, another 25% are partial cyborgs, and the remaining 25% possess 2d4 cybernetic implants.
91-00 Total The tribe is 100% (or perhaps 99.9%) full conversion cyborgs.

Optional Motif Tables for Shemarrian Fringe Tribes[]


Because your Fringe Tribe needs a cool motif and emblem to go under!

Primary Colour[]

% Colour
01-05 White
06-10 Copper
11-20 Red
21-30 Yellow
31-40 Green
41-50 Blue
51-60 Purple
61-65 Silver
66-70 Gold
71-80 Black
81-00 Two Colours or blending

Icon (Roll Twice)[]

% Result Examples
01-10 Animal falcon, bear, butterfly, dinosaur, etc.
11-20 Mythical Beast dragon, pegasus, midgard serpent, etc.
21-40 Ancient Weapon sword, dagger, mace, bow and arrow, etc.
41-45 Modern Weapon bazooka, laser pistol, missile, six-shooter, etc.
46-50 Armour shield, gauntlet, breastplate, etc.
51-55 Architecture temple, column, pyramid, castle, henge, etc.
56-65 Celestial Object moon, stars, comet, etc.
66-70 Vegetation flower, tree, olive branch, etc.
71-75 Human(oid) Figure whole body or just head
76-80 Anatomical Feature hand, skull, eye, etc.
81-90 Elemental water wave, flame, stone, thundercloud, etc.
91-95 Manmade Object scales, sailing ship, starship, clock, etc.
96-00 Symbol rune,

biohazard, letter, number, etc.