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Fire Smasher[]

Fire Smasher
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Mace / Plasma Blaster
Weight 30 lbs
MDC of Weapon 100
Range Melee
Range2 600 ft
Damage 4D6 MD crit 19-20 x3
Damage2 +3d6 Plasma Energized
Damage3 1d6x10+4 MD Plasma Blast
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 25 rounds / blasts
Original Tribe Blood Rider

A weapon developed by the Blood Rider, but is also favoured by the Skullcrusher tribe. The fire smasher is a large mace like weapon, with a thick, 4 foot long body above the two foot shaft with an array of flanges around it for smashing armour. From between the flanges, the fire smasher can emit plasma flames, enhancing the damage. From the top of the weapon, a short ranged, but powerful plasma cannon, giving it a reach outside of melee. The fire smasher is well liked for it's capability of delivering crippling blows, shattering mega damage bones and armour with ease.


The Fire smasher has 25 blasts per e-clip. One charge provides enough power to energize the fire smasher with plasma fire for one melee round. In the hands of a Shemarrian, the fire smasher can draw power through their hands, recharging the weapon and providing near unlimited payload. The fire smasher can also accept a Shemmarian standard e-clip for NeShemar use.

Special Bonuses[]

A Shemarrian using the weapon can link with it to gain a +2 to strike with the plasma cannon. Use W.P. Blunt for mace component.


The Fire Smasher also comes in giant size for use by larger Shemarrian elites. The larger sizes increases the weight and damage of the fire smasher and range of the plasma blasts.

Shemarrian Size Weight Increase Mace Damage Plasma Damage Plasma Blast Range Blast Radius No. Of E-Clips Payload
10 - 20 ft +15 lbs +1d6 MD +50 ft 2
20 - 30 ft +30 lbs +3d6 MD 2d6x10 500 ft 10 ft 2 20 blasts