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“PPE is as much as a part of this universe as gravity and light, yet is not treated as an equal. The mages hoard their secrets, not allowing for growth or study, even when asked about understanding, the mage claws at the public with fiends and spells. Demolish their mindset of dusty old elders and past golden ages, and the power of PPE is developed, worked with the other physical laws even in places PPE is nonexistent. Learning is a welcomed plague, which infects a host and spreads to change. Recall these pillars and more, for becoming enblightened is something everyone should catch.”

-Vector Ripplsong, an Enblightened speaking to a crowd of people in a city hall somewhere and when.

“When asked what cultures should wiped out for the safety of everyone, instead of the Collation States, I vote these people, solely for their thinking and corruption of our founder’s guiding idea.”

- Principle Harmon Sands, during a debate over the ethics of cultural destruction.

The Enblightened[]

The Enblightened
Parent Tribe(s) None, Naturally Evolved
Where First Encountered Other Verse
Tribe Size Unknown
Tribe Organization Loose Theocracy
Tribe Composition
Female % Unknown
Male % Unknown

Highest Caste Class Wargoddess
Tribe Facts
Home Environment Nomadic
Technology Level Supertech
Relations With Outsiders Rumoured
Relations With Other Shemarrians Dangerous
Prefered Mode of Combat Adaptive
Prosperity Self Sufficient

Advanced, patient and inspiring, the religious outlook of the Enblightened can easily be underestimated until the right circumstances. They travel across the megaverse, one to a civilization in a semi industrial state. There they take a form of the population as an androgyny pilgrim/handyman, helping out and spreading memes that spread with conversation. With enough influence technology advances rapidly and dangerously, usually burning out the population. When the creations recorded, the pilgrim moves to another world. When facing magic, they are able to create areas where PPE is nonexistent, though it is taxing on the person. In combat, they usually use supertech that appears of divine or arcane origin but is only for appearance. They collect these result of their work for an entity that hungers for conflict and is hateful of the power of magic. A few theories include this entity is obsessed with anti PPE areas of the Megaverse. 



Evolved Naturally

Where First Encountered[]

Other Universe

Tribe Size[]


Tribe Organization[]

Loose Theocracy

Tribal Composition[]

100 percent Orseme

Highest Caste Class[]

Pristine Zero aka Wargoddess 

Gender Division[]

All transgender/Androgyonys

Home Environment[]

Nomadic Pilgrims 

Technology Level[]

Early supertech, simulated magic of superb advancement

Relations with Outsiders[]

Mostly rumored, appear on and off 

Relations with Other ‘Shemarrians’[]

Dangerous, and should be destroyed before they become something worse.


Record all technology and sciences for an archive, cause rapid advancement on small civilizations and turn people away from magic.

Preferred Mode of Combat[]

Efficient and Adaptive

Unique Attributes[]

No warmounts and advanced simulated magic 


Self Sufficient 

Origin Tribe[]


Credit: 89er