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“Neat trident you got there, Matako, but I thought you were Bonded to the Horrorwoods, not the Darkwaters, like Hotaru!”

“It’s not a trident, Minako, it’s a PITCHFORK. A MAGNETIC pitchfork. I’m a stablehand in a warmount breeding yard. I fork scrap metal down the gullets of cyberanimals, and clean up the metal shavings, lubricant oozings, and coolant spills they leave behind. Sometimes the critters get pushy or bitey and I have to pop them on the nose with this thing. It’s not exactly glamorous work.”

ElectroFork Magnetic Staff Tool

ElectroFork Magnetic Staff Tool
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Tool
Weight 6 lbs
MDC of Weapon 20
Range Melee
Range2 Magnetic field 3 ft
Damage 3d6 SD blungt
Damage2 3d6 SD spear
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 18 hrs, unlimited by induction
Original Tribe Unknown
Special Note Magnetic Field
aka ‘Mag-zinnor’

An attempt by the Tinkers at creating an electromagnetic melee weapon, the electrofork proved a disappointment in combat, but it has caught on as a tool among Shemarrian laborers.

The electrofork is a pitchfork-like device, a staff-tool ending in several electromagnetic tines. Controls in the staff can be manipulated to produce an attractant magnetic field around the tines, useful for picking up and holding ferric materials, such as scrap metal. The same field can be reversed to repel metal objects, though not very far. Though the latter mode proved to be ineffectual as a ranged weapon, it has proven more effective in melee combat in deflecting and parrying ferric metal weapons such as swords and rifles. The repulsion effect has also proven useful in rebuffing the more aggressive Warmounts and Feral cyberanimals when they’re feeling ornery (equivalent to bopping them on the nose with a cattle prod). 

The Electrofork can thus be found throughout the Shemarrian Nation in the hands of laborers, warmount wranglers and stablehands, drone herdsmen, and the N’Re’Mar

The Electrofork is also TW-compatible; 5 PPE/10 ISP will power the device for 30 minutes, a Call Lightning spell can power the device for 12 hours.

Magnetic Field

Rated for 800 lbs pull capacity (though the user still has to be strong enough to lift that much weight at the end of a staff).


+1 to parry metal weapons

+1 to disarm opponents using metal weapons (can knock a rifle, for example, out of the hands of an opponent)

Cost: 3,000 credits but rarely available. 


Tazer Mode

The electrofork can be used to deliver a tazer-like charge. Inflicts an electrical shock that does 1d6 SDC/HP per jolt. However, this is STUN damage and not tissue-damage. Save at 16 or better or be -6 to strike, parry, dodge, and roll, HALF speed and APMs, for 1d4+1 melee rounds, +1d4 if the ‘snake was able to bite soft tissues (like the neck, lips, back of the knee or inside of the elbow. Being shocked five or more times, or with less than HALF hit points remaining, and failing a roll of 15 or better means falling unconscious for 2d4 melee rounds, and suffering stun penalties for a minute (4 melees) afterwards. The standard battery integrated into the electrofork holds enough charge for 100 such jolts. Effectively limitless if held by an induction-linked android or cyborg.

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