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Welcome to the Wiki

Greetings, Megaversal Traveler! This site is the tentative home of the EShemarrian Wiki, an accessible guide to the fanwork EShemarrian Alternate Universe setting, based on the Shemarrians of Palladium Books' Rifts RPG. Originally presented on the Forums of the Megaverse on the Palladium Books' website, the EShemarrian alta-verse is an ongoing not-for-profit multi-author fanwork of both stories and playable stats expanding on materials and characters originally created by Kevin Siembieda and Josh Sinsapaugh, as one of a number of possible offshoots in the Megaversal setting. This will be an ever-evolving game/fanwork setting, allowing quick and ready cross-referencing of a growing body of material on the cyberoid warrior-women of the Rifts setting, focusing primarily on, but not limited to, a dissident faction of renegade sentient androids, their evolving society, their adventures, and the forces that oppose them. Forgive the sawdust and showers of welding sparks(and occasionally cutting torches and wrecking balls) as the Wiki is put together, but hopefully the true majesty of the EShemarrian Nation will become readily visible as it takes shape.

In the following pages, you will find pages on the Ecotroz Shemarrians and the basic changes the Ecotroz Intelligence instills in robotic bodies of the Shemarrians. As well as parts of their culture, NeShemar, Rites of Upgrade, Progen, the main 11 Tribes, the Fringe Tribes. As well as may of the special Elites developed, the many different Warmounts, Starships, Weapons, Equipment and Enclave worlds the Shemarrian inhabit.

Visit the Lexicon for a general glossary of terms used within this wikia.

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Thank you!

Special thanks to taalismn for creating the majority and one of the driving forces of the EShemarrian.

DhAkael for creating one of the first fan tribes (Wayfinders and Sapphire Cobras), the concept of Progen and many other elites, warmounts and ships.

Kronos182 for several elites, weapons, and the main wikia uploader.

And of course Kevin Siembieda for creating the Rifts setting, and Josh Sinsapaugh for the Shemarrian Nation book.

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