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EShe-WpPB30 Particle Beam Rifle[]

This is a Darkwaters favorite using technology acquired through trade with an alien partner, and adapted to use a more compact and powerful portable particle source-generator and accelerator than the original design, that relied on isotopic rods for the particle source. 


EShe-WpPB30 Particle Beam Rifle
Weapon Stats
Model EShe-WpPB30
Type Particle Beam Rifle
Weight 50 lbs
Range 4000 ft
Range2 8000 ft space
Damage 1d6x10 MD
Rate of Fire Single/ECHH
Payload 30 e-clip/80 e-canister
Original Tribe Darkwaters
Special Note Enhanced Critical
Special Note2 Laser Targeter

Enhanced Critical[]

On a strike roll of 18 or more, the weapon does 2d4x10+10 MD!

Laser Targeter[]

+1 to strike from the laser spot sight.