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The HLW04 started as a copy of the Kittani Spider Gun, but the Darkwaters saw fit to modify it to taste, using different technologies. First, they eliminated the separate lower-powered laser and inside used a variable-mode, variable-frequency main laser barrel to combine the functions of both the light and heavy barrels. The Darkwater Tinkers then used some of the savings in weight to add a superior beam focusing system and smart-sight. Finally, the three-shot smoke grenade launcher was replaced with a six-shot Naruni-style micro-missile launcher. The HLW04 retains the spider-legs and automated robotic AI of the original design and thus can be set as a watchdog, rearguard, or hull defender. 


Weapon Stats
Model EShe-HLW04Dw
Type Robotic Weapon
Weight 75 lbs
Range Varies
Damage Laser - Varies
Damage2 Micro-Missiles - Varies
Rate of Fire Varies
Payload Varies
Original Tribe Darkwaters

The HLW04Dw has the same stats as the Kittani spider gun except with the following changes.


Range 4000 ft
Range2 12000 ft space
Damage 4d6 MD
Damage2 1d4x10 MD
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 100 light/40 heavy

The primary weapon of the HLW04Dw is variable frequency laser.

The laser recharges in 30 minutes from the powerplant installed in the HLW04Dw


Range 2 miles
Damage Varies
Rate of Fire Volley 1-3
Payload 6

Replacing the smoke grenades are 6 micro-missiles.

Damage varies by missile type loaded

  • Standard Micro-missiles 6d6

MD to a 5 ft blast radius

  • Fragmentation 2d6 MDC out to a 18 ft blast radius
  • Incendiary 2d4 MD to 5 ft blast radius, does an additional 1d4 burn damage for 2d4 melees

(Micromissiles) Single shot or rapid-fire burst of 2-3

Special Features[]

Laser +3 to strike 

Smart micro-missiles get a +4 to strike.



The HLW04DwC is a modification of the HLW04, only with a small contra-gravity generator replacing the spider-legs. The weapon can now float/fly alongside its operator, being fired remotely, or respond as a separate flying gun platform. Up to six HLW04DwCs can be remotely operated/attached to a warrior in combat, often assuming positions at the cardinal points when in zero gee. 

Weight: 100 lbs

Speed: 80 MPH in atmosphere, maximum altitude of 100 ft., 300 MPH in space.