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“They’re not shadowboxing, those women. They’re Furies, tearing the life out of your men. Watch and learn the truth of your foolish supposition. Anybody wandering around unclad and unarmored like that is NOT helpless, and you should question WHY they are so self-confident to be undressed so. And there is your answer, written on the broken bodies of your comrades.”

EM Punch-Blade[]

EM Punch-Blade
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Multi-Function Energy Weapon
Weight 6 lbs
MDC of Weapon 50 MDC Hilt
Range Melee 3-6 ft blade
Range2 Varies* Up to 800 ft
Damage 3d6+4 MD Blade
Damage2 3d6 MD EM Bolt
Damage3 Varies*
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload Varies or Indefinite via Induction
Original Tribe SkyeKlad

This is a further refinement of the standard EM Blade in that it has multiple modes a standard invisible ‘blade’, a vortex projection, and a personal magnetic repulsor defense shield for blocking and parrying. The material (and visible) component of the weapon resembles a wrap-around set of brass knuckles or punch-dagger hilt, and can be powered by either a standard e-clip or by induction direct from the gynoid/cyborg’s powerplant.

Special Features[]

EM Bolt[]

Range 800 ft
Damage 3d6 MD
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 10/eclip, 30 long or 6 mins.

The Punch-Blade has an invisible bolt of energy that is its main ranged offensive weapon.

Scattershot Bolt[]

Range 400 ft
Range2 15 ft area
Damage 2d4 MD
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 1 shot = 2 EM Bolts

An alternative, shorter ranged but area damaging attack is a scattershot bolt, excellent for attacking tightly grouped infantry.

SDC Shot[]

Range 800 ft
Damage 4d6 SDC
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 6 SDC shots = 1 EM Bolt

To add to the weapon's versatility is its ability to fire an SDC level shot for weaker opponents.

Stun Vortice[]

Range 300 ft
Damage None
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 6 shots = 1 EM BOlt

A non-lethal alternative weapon built into the EM Punch-Blade for when you need to capture or incapacitate a target.

Has 80% chance of knocking down human-sized targets (lose initiative and 1 action/attack getting up), plus 60% chance of knocking them out, stunning them with concussion effects (-10 to strike, parry, roll, and dodge, lose initiative, lose HALF speed and actions/attacks for 1d4 melees!)

EM Field

A defensive feature built into the EM Punch-Blade rounds out its abilities.

Material object attacks can be blocked/parried (the field has 50 MDC), but metal objects (bullets, rail gun rounds, metal weapons, and metal-sheathed limbs, including most cybernetic/bionic limbs) are +2 to block/parry/deflect and do NO damage to the field on a successful block/parry. Does NOT affect energy attacks.

The field covers roughly a 5 ft in diameter area.

A standard E-clip can power the EM field for 45 minutes, a long e-clip for 2 hours. Those held in the hands of a Shemarrian gynoid/android or cyborg are powered effectively indefinitely by induction.


EM Blades are -6 to dodge; only those with the ability to see energy fields, or are perceptive enough to see the slight ripple in the air (75% chance of going unnoticed) will be able to effectively dodge the cutting field without penalty. 

Wrap-around Hand Guard

The design for the hand guard grants a +1 to damage in a punch when not powered.


The Skyeklad have special app-programs in their sensorium that can tell them where the ‘blade’ is while they’re holding and using the weapon, allowing them to use the blades without penalty. Others using the weapon, unless they can see electromagnetic or gravitic energy, will be -3 to strike with the blades, -3 to parry with the shield. No penalty for striking with the vortex-bolts.