“Even their weapons are naked; invisible, but for their deadly essence. See their violence and know them for real.”

EM Blade

EM Blade
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Energy Melee
Weight 5 lbs
MDC of Weapon 45 MDC Hilt
Range Melee, blade 3-6 ft long
Damage 3d6+4 MD
Rate of Fire Unknown
Payload 45 min/eclip

Induction unlimited

Original Tribe SkyeKlad
SkyeKlad Clan EM Blades are virtual constructs of shaped electromagnetic or gravitic force, so powerful that they can tear apart matter on contact. Aside from their hilts, though, all that is visible of the ‘blade’ is a slight distortion in the air that refracts light ever so slightly, like a heat ripple. This allows the SkyeKlad to be fully ready for combat even while appearing unarmed; opponents don’t realize it until the invisible blades begin slicing into them. The technology is a modification of hardware acquired second-hand from the Steel Gaians


EM Blades are -6 to dodge; only those with the ability to see energy fields, or are perceptive enough to see the slight ripple in the air (75% chance of going unnoticed) will be able to effectively dodge the cutting field without penalty. 


The Skyeklad have special app-programs in their sensorium that can tell them where the ‘blade’ is while they’re holding and using the weapon, allowing them to use the blades without penalty. Others using the weapon, unless they can see electromagnetic or gravitic energy, will be -3 to strike with the blades. 

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