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The Desokos system is a Blood Rider Enclave world that was once under the control of the Splugorth with an ex-penal colony on the world of Deon.

Astrological Information
Suns 1 Blue Dwarf
Orbits 7

D-1: Asteroid D-2: Terrestrial world D-3: Terrestrial world D-4: Gas giant D-5: Deon D-6: Gas giant D-7: Gas giant

Asteroids D-1
Societal Information
Immigrated Species Humans

Splugorth Minions Shemarrians

Government Tribal
Affiliation Blood Rider

Forrmer Splugarth


A fairly unimportant system within the Blood Rider controlled systems. A few planets, gas giants and an asteroid populate this blue dwarf system. The main point of interest is Desokos 5, Deon, which once held a penal colony run by the Splugorth and was later liberated by the Blood Rider tribe.


An ex-Splugorth system that had a small mining and penal colony on the fifth planet, Deon, which was later liberated and claimed by the Blood Rider tribe.


System Details[]

Number of Stars: 1

Types of Stars: Blue Dwarf

Number of Planets: 7;

Asteroid (D-1)[]

Largely believed to be a chunk of D-2 blown off during a previous low pass to Desokos, it now races in a lower orbit ahead of its ‘parent’. 

Terrestrial (D-2)[]

A large(twice the size of Earth) ball of sun-blasted rock, with an atmosphere choked by volcanic eruptions and irradiated surface material evaporating off the surface. D-2 is wracked by violent earthquakes every fifteen years when it makes a lower-orbit pass around Desokos, the activity violent enough to send geysers of rock and atmosphere spraying out into space. What few astronomical studies of the Desokos system that have been made give D-2 only another 1,000-2,500 years of existance before it breaks up completely and forms an asteroid belt or is drawn into the star. 

Terrestrial (D-3)[]

Another large, nameless ball of rock with a surface temperature hot enough to melt steel. 

Gas Giant (D-4)[]

A ‘hot gas’ planet close enough to the primry that the solar wind is blowing a ‘tail’ of gases off its upper atmosphere. 

Terrestrial (D-5)[]

Deon, location of the Delian Consortium Deon MaxLoc Penal Colony. 

Gas Giant (D-6)[]

A cold gas gaint with four moons of note. D-6 was home to an automated communications relay and refueling station used by the Delian Consortium to restock prison transports servicing Deon. The station was destroyed when the Splugorth moved in. The refueling station has been rebuilt on another moon by the Shemarrians, who have hidden a cruiser squadron on the moons to intercept any Splugorth raiders coming insystem. 

Gas Giant (D-7)[]

A cold gas giant with six moons of note. In one of the recent clashes between the Shemarrians and the Splugorth, the Blood Riders ambushed a Kittani scout force near D-7, and eliminated a listening post. The moon system has since been seeded with mines to prevent further attempts to use D-7 as an assembly point.