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A predator inhabiting the Blood Rider Enclave world of Deon


The Nightlacer is a larger predator resembling a large, sprawling, four-legged wingless bat, with a bulbous head dotted with a dozen simple eyes, a prehensile tail, and four long tentacles coming out of its chest/abdomen. The creature typically sprawls across a cave or tunnel, lifting itself on its long legs to the ceiling, so its tentacles can trap anything blundering by under it. 

The Nightlacer detects prey by laying down trip lines of ultra-fine gossamer throughout the tunnels it stakes out as territory. Like a spider, the Nightlacer checks its network of lines from a central hub location; it will immediately respond to any intrusion on its trip lines, racing to the source to ambush potential prey. 


Alignment Anarchist (Animal)
Physical Size
Height 8 ft
Length 10 ft
Weight 600-1000 lbs
Physical Attributes
IQ 8 (Human Equivalent)
ME 19
MA 3
PS 42 Extraordinary/Robotic
PP 13
PE 23 Supernatural
PB 1
SPD 23
Other Attributes
MDC 70-75
PPE 13
Horror Factor 13
Special Abilities

Nightlacer's are mega-damage creatures with near human intelligence, extraordinary strength and supernatural endurance.

Natural Abilities[]

Nightlacers have a number of natural abilities which aids them in hunting down prey.

Excellent Hearing[]

Nightlacers have excellent hearing, allowing them to detect prey at great distances. +1 Perception, +2 initiative, +1 parry/dodge


Nightlacers are stealthy creatures. Prowl 80%.


Nightlacers can sense the emotional state of its prey from 50 ft away.


The Nightlacer can create lines of ultra-fine gossamer strands that it anchors to walls and down tunnels to sense prey. In a tunnel claimed by a Nightlacer, that has had at least 2 hours to lay out gossamer lines, the Nightlacer gains a +1 to Perception and +1 initiative (in addition to the bonuses to Excellent Hearing) and +15% to all skills relating to following and tracking a target within the tunnels. These bonuses only last as long as the target is within areas the Nightlacer has prepared with gossamer strands.


Nightlacers have a few natural weapons, including a vicious bite, two pairs of tentacles and a prehensile tail-like appendage. The tentacles can be used to grab prey, but usually are used to pummel. The ends of the tentacles are surprisingly sharp, which allow it to dig them into walls to aid in climbing, and gives them an extended slashing attack.

4 attacks per melee

Attack Range Damage
Tentacles (5) Melee (10 ft reach) 1d6+2 MD +P.S.
Bite Melee 3d6 MD
Tentacle Slash Melee (10 ft reach) 2d6 MD

Other Information[]

Hunting Orientation[]

Nightlacers are usually found in mated pairs, claiming areas to hunt for food and lair.

Food Type[]

Fear; the Nightlacer eats flesh and blood for physical sustenance, but it draws an equal part of its energy from the terror of its victims. To that end it may play with its prey, pinning them to a wall, torturing them (caressing/squeezing with its tentacles, amplifying its victim’s discomfort) before killing them.