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A large slug creature native to the planet Deon


These giant whale-like omnivores slowly undulate through the darkness, consuming living matter in the tunnels, or chewing new tunnels through the bedrock, following veins of Deonsite. The tunnels they chew through the rock are often used by other animals to move between caverns. The Slugs themselves are idiot monsters who run entirely on simple instinct, and show no stalking or hunting abilities, eating whatever they run into in the underground. 

The real threat that Acid Slugs present is to the unwary who may accidentally blunder into the path of these behemoths. Fortunately they are relatively slow-moving and not very bright , and their presence in an existing tunnel can be easily detected by the acrid odor of their acidic secretions. 


Alignment Anarchist (Animal)
Physical Size
Height 10 ft
Length 30 ft
Weight 6-8 tons
Physical Attributes
IQ 3
ME 5
MA 3
PS 40 Extraordinary/Robotic
PP 5
PE 25 Supernatural
PB 1
SPD 14 / 7 Tunneling
Other Attributes
MDC 120-150
Horror Factor 13
Special Abilities
Special Ability 1 Acidic Spit
Special Ability 2 Thick Hide

Acid slugs are large and simple, with extraordinary strength and supernatural endurance. 

Natural Abilities[]

The acid slugs have a few natural abilities as mega-damage creatures, most notably their acidic drool and ichor.

Acidic Spit[]

The Acid Slug drools and exudes an acidic ichor that helps it bore through rock. It can spit up to 50 ft, doing 3d6 MD, plus 1d6 MD for 1d4 melees, but even brushing up against the Slug does 1d6 MD, plus 1d4 MD for 1d4 melees. The Slug itself is protected by a thick, slippery layer of mucus that it exudes around itself.

Thick Hide[]

Acid Slugs take HALF damage from physical attacks like punches, kicks, and concussive blows (including crushing and squeezing from cave-ins). 


Acid slugs are simple minded and have very little combat tactics: bite or spit acid until its dead, then eat it.

3 attacks per melee

Attack Range Damage
Bite Melee 4d6 MD
Body Trample/Crush Melee 6d6 MD
Acid Drool Melee 1d6 MD
Acid Spit 50 ft 3d6 MD

Other Information[]

Hunting Orientation[]

Acid slugs are solitary creatures except during mating season.

Food Type[]

Omnivores, gobbling up whatever they come across in their travels.