"Today class, we'll be talking about a few of the more notable personalities in the Shemarrian Nation, and a few notable outsiders."

"Will that include Hoyt Sparks?"

*Gren's antenna twitched noticeably as he rubbed his forehead,* "Yes..."

A number of notable figures have risen to prominence within the Shemarrian Nation, for many reasons. Some for freeing their tribes from the clutches of the Dark One and the Shaper, others for rising their Tribe from other dark times, or for making significant advances or great heroics. Other famous, or INfamous figures include the Dark One and Shaper and the mad Hoyt Sparks.

Blood Riders Edit

Tyaes Cinder-Fist Edit

Blood Rider

Vala the Sunheart Edit

Blood Rider

Anya MagmaWalker Edit

Blood Rider

Kani BloodShard Edit

Blood Rider

Chieftain-of-Scouts BloodClarion Edit

Blood Rider

Aerlin SoulSplitter Edit

Blood Rider

Scout-Lancer Madria True-Edge Edit

Blood Rider

Reye Coronal Firestormer Edit

Blood Rider Berserker Mystic

Aram CrystalHunter Edit

Blood Rider Male

Fallen Dawn Edit

Blood Rider Pariah/Acolite

ShipMaster Chalos Voidwalker Edit

Blood Rider Male Shemar, -Rhinochon- Captain.


Aisha Wildfire Edit

Blood Rider

Senko Stargazer Edit

Blood Rider

Kirameko WireDancer Edit

Blood Rider

Darkwaters Edit

Sister Margo Steelbender Edit

Dark Waters Tinker, ‘mother’ of Otto Steelbender

Analise Flamespear Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Deni Shieldbreaker Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Squad Leader Roma Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Hammerhand Edit

Dark Waters Tinker

War Sister Kalleon Heartstrike Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Marga Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Lissah Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Henni Edit

Dark Waters Warrior

Michiru Sireness Edit

Darkwater Seeress

Hotaru ShadowMistress Edit

Darkwater Yurei


Lamis D’Col Mareen Edit

DarkWaters NeShemar Shipfitter

Grimmin Rocklifter Edit

Darkwater Ecotroz-Re’mar 

Otto Steelbender Edit

Darkwater Orseme NeShemar, Awakened Triax X-700 ‘Fat Boy’ Glitterboy

Ghost Rider Edit

Noonan Khan Nightblade Edit

Ghost Rider Yurei Elite

Aldessa Edit

Ghost Rider Seeress

Droma Edit

Ghost Rider

Calia ‘Lefty’ Sinestra Edit

Ghost Rider Spinster/Tinker

Troya Sinestra-Steelbender Edit

Second-generation Ghost Rider Spinster/Tinker

’Abbie Normal’ Edit

Ghost Rider Domimatrix

Big Sister Sparrow Edit

Ghost Rider


Honest 1110111 Edit

Ghost Rider, Splicer NEXUS Tech-Barge, manager of Phaseworld enclave garage. 

Hawkmoon Edit

Shemharsahd Firemane Edit

Warmistress and keeper of the way [Chiefteness]

Y'llen Stormeyes Edit

Mistress of the firelance. [Warrior]

Goodbones Edit

Sister-Healer and mistress of the rite of Progen. [Spinster] 

Urrjal Minon-Slayer Edit

Sister of blades. [Berserker]

Hope Brightlance Edit

Ne-Ectroz Shemarr and Daughter of the Light. [Warrior, progen born] 

Faith Brightlance Edit

First Celestial. [[[Celestial]], elite, progen born]

Tylax the Mink Edit

Chiefteness of the first founding in the void. [Elevated / upgraded to Chiefteness]

Murneva Farsight Edit

Fleet Matriarch. [Chiefteness]

Col-Taros Shemarazhad Edit

Hawkmoon, attached to the Hawkwind-cruiser Divine Irony

Puchi Pink Overkill Edit

War Chief, later went Eccentric

Aghana Firelance Edit


Ayron Silverseeker Phoenix Edit

Male Steel Phoenix Elite

Horrorwoods Edit

Makoto-lita Yggdrasildoter Edit

Horrorwoods Warrior

T’sane Laransran-Treesfriend Edit

Horrorwoods Acolite


Hana Rivensdoter Edit

Horrorwoods NeShemar Mistress-rank

Sherta Edit


Saila Toron Edit

Horrorwoods, ‘refugee relocatee’

Lost Eclipse Edit

Shela Edit

Lost Eclipse Nahsi


Doctor Rus Edit

Lost Eclipse Awakened A-3 Medical Robot

Gaunt Edit

Lost Eclipse Awakened AA-60 Hunter-Destroyer

Sapphire Cobra Edit

Faelyn Serpent-Mantle Edit

High Matriarch & progenitor of the 9th tribe. [Elevated to Chiefteness after awakening]

Vypaea Edit

Huntress of the warp and walker of the serpents path. [Psi-shamaness, Berserker caste, progen born]

Pythiir Edit

Blade-Dancer & slayer of the infernal. [Berserker caste, progen born]

Orsael Longfang. Edit

[[[Cobra-Dragon]] elite]

Ssessuna Eons-gazer Edit

Sapphire Cobra Medusa Elite

Miraz Edit

Sapphire Cobra Naga Elite

Gerand TrailStalker Edit

Sapphire Cobra Male 

Melhissa Edit

Sapphire Cobra

Silvermoon Edit

Serenity Lunasfire Edit

Silvermoon War Chief

Sister Alpha Aten-Swiftlight Edit

Silvermoon Tribe Vampire Hunter

Charol DiamondEye Edit

Silvermoon Tinker, chief cybersurgeon aboard the Caduceus Chrome

Vanice SoulMetal Edit

Silvermoon Mystic, psychological counselor aboard the Caduceus Chrome

Ravena Shadowwalker Edit

Silvermoon Valkari

Tannis Darkcutter Edit

Silvermoon Valkari

Gernus Shadowflier Edit

Silvermoon Male, assigned pilot to Tannis Darkcutter.

Flight-Master Garen Arn-Corona Edit

Silvermoon Male, Captain of the Caduceus Chrome.

Toraer Col Vylodaes Lindsee White-Eyes Edit

Silvermoon Acolite

Lise Edit

Silvermoon Acolite, asteroid mining shepardess


Sir Vladimir Hammer Edit

Silvermoon full conversion assault cyborg, consort to Serenity Lunasfire

Mina Edit

Silvermoon Awakened gynoid pleasure-bot, Caduceus Chrome. 

Shi Edit

Silvermoon Awakened gynoid pleasure-bot, Caduceus Chrome.

Nurse S*Nex Edit

Silvermoon Awakened SSMR-01 Medical Robot, Caduceus Chrome.

Dern ‘White Spider’ Emson Edit

Silvermoon full conversion cyborg EMT, Caduceus Chrome.

Doctor Niss-Tanannen Edit

Silvermoon Silison full-conversion cyberdoc, Caduceus Chrome.

Skullcrusher Edit

Spinster Bone-setter the Pennitant Edit

1st Awakened & Enlightend of the SSN Skullcrusher tribe. [Spinster]

Warmistress Bloodmist Edit

Chiefteness of the 1st founding SSN Skullcrusher tribe & progen-mate to Bone-setter. [Chiefteness]

Lysha of the axe Edit

Warrior and personal guard to Bloodmist. [Warrior]

Padahlo Bloodmane Edit

Warrior and personal guard to Bloodmist. [Warrior]

Nerys Night-Sunder Edit

Skullcrusher WarGoddess

Adyis Death’s-Eye Edit

Skullcrusher WarGoddess (Deceased)

Chieftain Shadowsheart Edit

Skullcrusher War Chieftain

War-Captain Tela IronBones Edit

Skullcrusher, Captain of a Tartog Battleship

Ansala Marrowripper Edit


Haruka Spinebreaker Edit

Skullcrusher Berserker

Wayfinder Edit

Tysldaen Silverstar Edit

Founder of the 10th tribe. Adept-Primus magitechnician. [Warrior]

Tallesha Cogwerker Edit

Master-magitechnician. [Acolyte Celestii]

Franklyn "F2@k1yn Neuromancer" Edit

Technowizard Cyberjacker /Wayfinder male scout. [Male Solarii]

Worldstrider Tess’ona Edit

Wayfinder Ariona Elite

Captain Lieece Sunrunner Edit

Wayfinder, SSN Explorer Corram

Sister Jung-Soulmender Edit


Alisshon Stein-Nanomancer Edit

Wayfinder Tinker

Luminari Martial Heisenberg-Boojumhunter Edit

Wayfinder War Chieftain

Celestii Alvaree Tolkiensdoter Edit

Wayfinder Seeress

First Celest Norma Curie-RadianceWatcher Edit

Wayfinder Warrior


Rachel Pasteur-Lyle Edit

Second Solarii, Wayfinder Warrior

Deborah Alanse-Emphrian Mist-seer Edit

Ami IceHellion Edit

Wayfinder Warrior/Tinker

Maggie Edit

Wayfinder Tinker


Mariko Edit


Patrika Edit


Novice Kurumi Imari Edit


Sister Rose Edit


Wolf's Path Edit

Alpha Prime Ferox Edit

Wolf’s Path War Chieftain

Kayla BrightFang Edit

Wolf’s Path

Minako OroHuntress Edit

Wolf’s Path Warrior

Artemis Edit

Wolf’s Path Phalanx Wolf Gestalt


Erika Edit

Wolf’s Path

Fringe Tribes Edit

Clan Armorand Edit

Clan Motron Edit

Clan Pantheron Edit

Clan Shelley Edit

Queen Shelley Edit

Queen of the Night, founder of Clan Shelley

Nubo-hotep Edit

Ex-slave mining borg, consort of Queen Shelley

Doctor Electronika Edit

Chief Tinker and Mad Scientist

Count Calculi Edit

Senior Arch-Vamp

Clan Vespa Edit

Queen Kusunoki Masako Edit

Human/Swarmy. Founder and leader of Clan Vespa

Unattached/Eccentric/Ne'R'Mar Edit

Eccentrics Edit

Sparkle Flux Capacitor Edit

Seeress, and relationship counselor

Sister-Eccentric Alia Horizon-Seeker Edit

Unattached Edit

Ava Edit

ARCHIE 3's failed Goddess Avatar that escaped and spreads good and kindness to those around her.

Teacher Sora Edit


Unidentified Edit

Gera Electrax Edit


WarSister Kalah Edit

BattleLeader Shia Edit

BattleSister Kora Edit

Selex WhiteSky Edit

Aneras Forest-Runner Edit

Married to unidentified Reclaimed/Pariah

Amee and Tana Edit

Identical twin NeShemar, Phaseworld enclave

Klaus Rynochec Edit

Partial-conversion cyborg ex-NGR robot pilot, Phaseworld enclave

Alco Kanne Edit

Kremin cyborg, Phaseworld enclave

Zu Blackrunner and Eng Metalhunter

Ecotroz-Re’mar, Phaseworld enclave

Busbee Edit

Ex-Mechanoid Hunter-Killer Probe, Phaseworld enclave

Ajidae Edit

’Born’ at the same time as Selex WhiteSky and subsequently ‘adopted’ as her ‘sister’. 

Lord Damnation Edit


Gravelinis Edit

‘Gravel Joe’, sometimes interpreted and reported as ‘Gryvl’Jho’, and his two brothers, Chippen and Chard, sometimes referred to collectively as ‘the Gravelinis’ but more often as just ‘the Gravel Brothers’. Ecotroz-Re’mar,

Allies Edit

Shae-Ma-nen-rhan Edit

Qeloran Firehair Edit

Pilot and senior group leader: Shem-Rahn templar.

Velara Frostmane Edit

Diplomat & First Contact: Shem-Rahn templar.

Aeryl Frostmane Edit

Medic & Magitech specialist: Shem-Rahn templar.

Hoyt Sparks Edit

Once lover of Nerys Night-Sunder, turned mad scientist, turned enemy, turned semi ally.

Enemies Edit

Dark One/False One Edit

ARCHIE 3, Pre-Rifts AI that created the Shemarrians

The Shaper Edit

Hagan Lonovich, idea man for ARCHIE 3

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