EShemarrian Wiki

“I almost feel sorry for some of those marauders who try striking through Lolli territory. Last thing you remember is piloting your flier, robot or power armor, feeling like a wargod or -goddess, the next you’re having the snot beaten out of you by flying horses or rabbits, and suddenly you wake up sticky, bright pink, smelling like sugar, stark-naked, and surrounded by Shemarrians or their allies, all with weapons at the ready. No WONDER that last prisoner we got came to and promptly screamed herself back unconscious.”


Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Restraint
Range 80 ft
Range2 Cover 1 cubic meter / second
Damage None
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 4 applications / Dispenser

20 applications / Squirtgun

Original Tribe Lollipop
Special Note Restraint
Special Note2 Nano-Dissolvers
Special Note3 Sedation

aka ‘Cotton Restraint’

Candy-Foam is another new weapon being deployed by the mischievous Lollipopper Tribe. Th Lollis apparently got the idea for this one watching pre-Rifts movies, and thought it would be a fun idea to put into action. Candy-Foam is a variant of reverse-engineered Kera-Tech Capture Foam, but has several added properties in that it dries into a confining cocoon, it is impregnated with nanites programmed to dissolve and corrode inorganic, and in particular synthetic, materials, and it also has a general anesthetic effect. 

Candy-Foam is typically sprayed from a Pez Dispenser-style handheld canister or SuperSoaker-style squirtgun. 

Oddly enough, only the Lollipoppers seem able to metabolize Candy-Foam, a common practice being for a Loli to be seen eating some Foam, before using it to subdue an opponent. 

Candy-Foam is almost exclusively by the Lollipoppers, although it has also occasionally been used by the Lolis' parent tribe, the Lost Eclipse. Whether the Nightmares have copied the 'recipe' for Candy-Foam from their juvenile offshoots, or are trading for it, remains unknown. 


Comes in either a Pez style dispenser, or a squirtgun rifle. 

Restraint Foam[]

Requires a robotic or supernatural PS of 40 or greater to break free. Creatures with a greater strength can break free in 1d4 melees. The foam hardens in less than 2 seconds, and can take 30 MDC per cubic meter (a humanoid typically needs at least two meters to be totally enveloped). A special enyzme spray will dissolve the foam in 1d4 melees.


These nanites attack metals, alloys, and synthetic materials like plastics and artificial rubber, but leave natural fabrics, materials like leather, and living tissue alone. Enchanted magic and rune weapons and armors are also not affected. Does 2d6 MD (HALF that to metal) per melee for 4d6 melees. Great for stripping trapped targets of body armor and weapons, although valuable intelligence materials might also be lost/destroyed. 


Candy-Foam has a sticky-sweet aroma that is really a nerve-agent sedative. Most oxygen-breathing lifeforms will need to make a roll versus nonlethal poison or be knocked out on skin-contact with the Candy-Foam or close-proximity breathing its fumes. In general, the sedation aspect will keep a captive out for 2d6x10 minutes, minus the captives P.E. in minutes (Superhuman P.E. will x2, Supernatural P.E. x3)


The foam will also leave the captive feeling sticky, smelling of cotton candy, and dyed pink (washes off with 5d6 minutes of vigorous showering).