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Clan Armorand Burst Cyborg Armour[]

Burst Cyborg Armour
Model Unknown
Type Heavy Infantry Cyborg Armour
Crew 1 Cyborg
Environmental Unknown
Original Tribe Clan Armorand
MDC By Location
Head +40
Main Body +350
Arms +50
Legs +100
Physical Information
Weight +200 lbs
Mobility Fair, -10% prowl, related skills.
Speed Running -10 mph
Weapon Systems
Primary Weapon Fletchette Pack
Special Systems

Clan Armorand prefers melee combat, and specializes in anti-siege warfare, able to defend against all odds. With most of their forces being partial or full conversion cyborgs, they have developed cyborg armour. Burst armour is fundamentally similar to heavy infantry cyborg armour, except it is fitted with several devices of what is similar to anti-infantry fletchette packs mounted around the body, and are triggered by the wearer. Wearers of Burst Cyborg armour would be positioned at the front of choke points, where enemies would be clustered in front of them, then trigger packs to deal with several waves of opponents, or slowing down the first wave before they closed within melee range. The ones on the arms can be used to affect forwards, back or to the sides. The two on the back are usually used to cover retreats. The packs are positioned and designed to not affect the wearer.

Special Features[]

Fletchette Packs[]

Range 50 foot long, 25 ft wide cone
Damage 3d6 MD
Rate of Fire ECHH
Payload 8

These are small anti-infantry fletchette packs, similar to those found on vehicles and combat robot vehicles.

Payload: 4 packs on front, one each arm, 2 on back.

Notes: Infantry caught in the blast area can attempt to dodge at -4. Those with Autododge can dodge at -1.