EShemarrian Wiki

“If you’re riding aboard a Shemarrian ship by some happenstance and the Shemar show up, grab you, and look to be locking you inside a liquid-filled tank, or a conformal body cage braced to a wall, DON’T RESIST. You’re not being made a prisoner, it means that the Shemar are fixing to be doing some hard maneuvering. And I mean HARD. Shemarrian ships may look like bricks, some of them, but they maneuver like bucker-beasts with a red-hot slag-stick jammed up their asses. And they pulse their drives like nuke-pushers. You aren’t restrained, strapped, welded, or pillowed tight when the ship starts going through its paces, you’ll be lucky to wind up with half your bones unbroken, if not as blood paint on the walls.

Of course if the Shemarrians AREN’T going into battle maneuvers, you’re still better off not resisting, because they either already got your number...and it’s up...or the kinky ones just got you, and you’re better off not making them wait while they hunt you down again.”

EShemar ‘Astrapade’ Aerospace Frigate[]

Type ESheMar-DwFR07
Class Frigate
Crew 24
Number Troops 20, 8 Pilotes
Number of Fighters 4 fighters
Original Tribe Darkwaters
MDC By Location
Bridge 3000
Main Body 14000
Hangers 4000 (2)
Force Field 6000 /side
Medium Range Missile Launcher 250 (4)
Cruise Missile Launcher 700 (3)
Particle Beam Cannon Turret (3) 900
Point Defense Turret (6) 250
Physical Size
Length 570 ft
Width 190 ft
Height 75 ft
Weight 14000 tons
Cargo 1800 tons
Powerplant Nuclear 50 year
Atmospheric Speed Mach 3
Transatmospheric Yes
Sublight Speed Mach 16
FTL Speed 6 ly/hr
Underwater Speed 55 mph
Maximum Depth 1.2 miles
Sensors Comms
Standard Sensors Standard
Addition Sensor1 Sonar
Special Systems
Special System 1 Sensor Baffling
Weapon Systems
Primary Weapon Particle Beam Cannon (3)
Secondary Weapon Medium Laser Cannon (5)
Third Weapon Cruise Missile Launchers (2)
Fourth Weapon Medium Range Missile Launcher
Fifth Weapon Point Defense Turrets (6)

The Darkwaters Tribe, as the avowed ‘silent service’ and ‘space power’ of the Shemarrian Star Nation, is continually experimenting with new designs and upgrading its space capabilities, so it isn’t a surprise that the rest of the Three Galaxies has yet to see all the ship designs the Tribe deploys. The ‘Astrapade’ is one of several that have just recently been identified as belonging to the SSN, and specifically to the Darkwaters.


It is no coincidence that the Astrapade resembles an ancient prehistoric armored fish; the streamlined vessel is equally as capable of operation underwater as it is in space. This allows the Darkwaters to easily maintain regular contact with their DeepWatch branches, and to base their ships in concealment deep underwater. 

Like most Shemarrian designs, the Astrapade is extremely fast, but it is also well protected and armored, the robust state of Shemarrian technology and their command economy allowing them to overbuild their ships without having to make performance choices based on economics. They are also slightly more stealthy than standard Shemarrian designs, owing to their hull configuration. Armament is heavy, consisting of a mix of lasers and particle beams, the latter of which are Darkwaters’ enhanced designs. Backing the direct-fire weapons are several batteries of cruise and medium-range missiles, and standard point defense arrays. Their only real shortcoming is a lack of embarked troops; despite having provision for four smaller craft, they lack the capability to deploy heavy boarding parties (even with the arguable relative power of individual Shemarrians).

As with almost all Shemarrian Star Nation designs, internal life support is threadbare and accommodations spartan by the standards of non-robotic/bionic lifeforms, the extra energy and space going to other, more important, systems. 

Astrapades have thus far appeared only in the forces of the Darkwaters. They are frequently used as a raiders, patrollers, and escort craft.




As with many Darkwater ships, they are equipped with a sonar with a 100 mile effective range.

Special Systems[]

Sensor Baffling[]

The Shemar ships can partially mask their sensor spoor, making themselves difficult to detect at long range. This acts as Stealth (-80% to detect while stationary, -40% when moving)

Weapons Systems[]

Particle Beam Cannon (3)[]

Range 7 mile
Range2 14 mile space
Damage 1d8x100 MD
Rate of Fire 2 / melee

Two are positioned to fire forward and the sides, while the third is mounted to cover the rear arc. The Astrapade will frequently make a banking firing pass, raking a target with the forward guns, then delivering a parting shot as it maneuvers away.

Medium Laser Cannon (5)[]

Range 8 miles
Range2 16 miles space
Damage 1d6x100 MD
Rate of Fire 4 / melee

Four of these weapons are positioned to fire to the front and sides, while the fifth covers the rear arc. These weapons also have a blue-green frequency mode for operation underwater.

Cruise Missile Launchers (2)[]

Range 3400 mile
Range2 1800000 mile space
Damage varies by missile
Rate of Fire Volley 1-12
Payload 60 / launcher

Anti-ship projectile weapons. Also used to launch decoy and recon drones. The Dark Waters are also working on enhanced stealth cruise missiles that can loiter like mines before lighting off their drives and hitting enemy vessels from unexpected quarters.

Additional missiles may be stored in the cargo holds and reloaded within 30 minutes (1 ton of cargo per 6 missiles).

Medium Range Missile Launchers (4)[]

Range 160 miles
Range2 80000 miles space
Damage varies by missile
Rate of Fire Volley 1-20
Payload 80 / launcher

Mounted laterally, typically used for self-defense/antimissile counterfire. As with the cruise missiles, the Darkwaters are working on a variety of instrumented probes, decoys, and stealth missiles. 

Additional missiles can be carried as cargo and reloaded within 30 minutes.

Note: These launchers can also fire dual-mode rocket-propelled sea-air projectiles (a concept copied from the Kittani). 

Bonuses: (Torpedo) Because of the torpedoes’ higher speed and advanced targeting systems, the U/AP doesn’t suffer the same range and accuracy penalties as conventional torpedoes. The U/AP has a +1 to strike, and a +3 to strike within 3,000 ft of the target.

(Missile) +3 to strike

Point Defense Turrets (6)[]

Range Railgun 2 miles/4 mile space
Range2 Laser 1 mile/400 mile space
Damage Railgun 4d6x10 MD/burst
Damage2 Laser 3d6x10 MD
Rate of Fire EGCHH (4-6)
Payload Railgun 2000 rd drum

Standard Shemarrian-pattern rail gun/pulse laser combination in a common turret. These weapons are found on almost all Shemarrian ships. The dual laser and railgun pairing allows for good range, possible variant ammunition and alternatives for energy resistant targets. 

Additional ammunition can be stored as cargo, but will take 45 minutes to reload from stores.



Variant armed with gravitic slicer cannons in place of the particle beams. 

Gravitic Slicer Cannon (3)

Range 9 mile
Range2 18 miles space
Damage 2x4x100 MD
Rate of Fire 4 / melee

On a critical hit, DOUBLE damage on an unmodified Natural 19-20.


Missile variant that loses all but one of the three particle beams, in favor of additional cruise missile launchers (identical in capacity and operation to those already integral to the design).