EShemarrian Wiki
Sea-Air Medium MIssiles
Weapon Stats
Model Unknown
Type Medium Missiles
Range 20 miles underwater
Range2 75 miles air
Damage 4d6x10 MD
Rate of Fire Unknown
Payload Unknown
Original Tribe Darkwaters
Special Note Dual Atmosphere

The Darkwaters Tribe developed a dual-mode rocket propelled sea-air missles based on a Kittani concept. These weapons allows their ships to fire medium ranged weapons both above and below water. The fact that they are based on Kittani designs lends more 'evidence' that the Shemarrians were once a Splugorth slave race.


  • (Underwater) 400 MPH
  • (Air) Mach 3


(Torpedo) Because of the torpedoes’ higher speed and advanced targeting systems, the U/AP doesn’t suffer the same range and accuracy penalties as conventional torpedoes. The U/AP has a +1 to strike, and a +3 to strike within 3,000 ft of the target.

(Missile) +3 to strike